Jul 9, 2019

6 Americans Weight Loss Success Stories to Learn From

What can we learn from various weight loss success stories we hear around? I decided to put some facts together so as to clear the hear and some doubt on people who believed that having to lose weight is very hard or cannot be achievable whereas everything is possible only with time.

As you read on with this post, we will be learning from various stories involving people and a collection of different weight loss success stories from different people across the continent. I took my phone, writing materials and camera to interview so many people on what works best for them in terms of weight loss as an American.

I will be posting the videos of this post in few hours. Many people have different success stories and as you read on with this post, i will be explaining each based on the number of people that voted for and the reasons for choosing each points. The points includes;

1. Success Through Exercise: According to stats, votes and the people i spoke with weight which i knew were big and now with a reduced weight is Exercise. Many people who have experienced weight reduction in one way or the other still claims exercise rocks big time. The best way to lose weight without dieting is through exercise. 

Weight Loss Stories in America
Recommended exercise that worked for so many people includes speed walking, running, jogging, cycling, skipping and other cardio exercise. One of the weight loss success tips i got this morning from a friend is that she started early morning jogging and she's been experiencing tremendous loss in weight lately. Personal, my own success stories is the fact that i eat more fiber foods and i also do speed walking, this has been helping me to keep fit and reduced in weight.

2. Fiber Foods: One of the things that also ensure a good weight loss without stress according to our survey as Americans or African Americans is the consumption of fiber foods. By the time you eat more of fiber foods like cucumber, maize, garden egg, watermelon, oranges etc, you have a high digestion rate and high metabolic rate which helps to lose weight. Not only that, fiber foods also contains minerals that helps the body function properly and vitamins that repair tissues in the body.

3. Fatty Foods: Another weight loss success stories i received from my American people is that when they eat less of fatty foods their weight is maintain but when they do exercise along with the fatty foods they avoid, then they get good result in terms of weight loss. This means that based on the experience of others, you need to avoid fatty foods to maintain your weight but if you really want to shed excess weight, then avoid these foods and do some exercises, it works.

4. More Fruits: A woman told me that her weight loss success stories lies on the fact that she is based on dieting with fruits. Fruits contains high percentage of fiber in it and contains vitamins that helps to digest food at a faster rate and weight loss is achieved.

5. Sugar: Many people do not know that drinking too much sugary drinks or adding more sugar to tea or food also adds weight to the body. Sugar is converted to glycogen when in excess and glycogen is a fatty materials. So, to achieve the best weight loss result, reduce your intake of sugar, sugary drinks, sweet things and many more.

6. Plank Exercises: This is one of the mostly recommended exercises with lot of testimonies from people. Plank exercises is very good for tummy reduction and general trimming of the whole body. It doesn't take too much time like one minutes daily is cool. Many Americans talked about plank exercises as one of the fastest ways to shed excess fat around the tummy or upper body area.

In Conclusion, the most effective success stories i heard from people who are into various different weight loss programs and what has been working for people is the fact that an individual must be dedicated towards exercise, avoiding fatty foods, avoiding excess sugar, plank exercises, other sports and eating more of fiber foods. You can also try this six points and see how fast you get you weight reduced. Thanks for coming.

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