Jul 2, 2019

10 Common Causes of Death in Nigeria and Possible Solution

Not that people don't die in other countries but the rate at which people die in developing countries like Nigeria seems to be alarming and we have decided to write on what causes some of these diseases so that we all can learn to find ways of abstaining or finding solutions to the diseases we we read further on this post.

Despite the fact that death rate is slower than birth rate because the population keeps increasing as if nothing happened or improving but many Nigerians are actually dying of so many factors which you will get to know as you read on with this post. 

Causes of death in Nigeria and the solution
What are the Common Causes of Death in Nigeria and Solutions?

In our previous post, i wrote few tips common causes of death in Africa and how to prevents them but this time i want to be specific to my own country explaining some things that causes death in Nigeria and how to prevents them.

Am not just writing, i am a Nigerian which means am writing this from my own experience as a Nigeria who has seen people die, lost his own mum, lost few friends and families and am providing solutions to some of these this so you don't become a victim. Not only in Nigeria, it happens in other countries too like USA, UK, JAPAN, FRANCE, SPAIN, GERMANY, CANADA, BRAZIL and many more.

1. Child Birth: Nigeria has a large population of over 170million people and still growing which means the birth rate is high in all the states. But due to some reasons like illiteracy of women, ignorance, insufficient health centers, lack of medical professionals in some states in Nigeria, many state still lack and the rate of women dying due to childbirth is still on the high side. 

In order to be saved from this, women should make use of government accredited health center during birth, women should also shun all form of self medication or delivery and the best thing is to consult your doctor in case of any health related issue.

2. Ignorance: I see that many Nigerians are still suffering from one of the world most deadly diseases called ignorance. Most ignorance are resulted due to illiteracy and i notice many people still practice self medications on health matters. In order to avoid this, get more knowledge on health related issues, consult your doctor when you notice any ailments and another thing you should do is to seek medical advice when you notice any health challenges.

3. Diabetes: I notice diabetes another cause of death in Nigeria based on my research. Maybe its due to the diet because most Nigerian foods are rich in carbohydrate, starch and sugar. The poor diet plan like excessive rice eating, yam, bread, sugar, sugary drinks etc result in disrupt in the normal functioning of insulin in the body which later result to diabetes. 

Diabetes kills and to prevent this, you need to avoid eating too much of sugary drink, carbohydrates, sugar etc better still, consult your doctor or Government designated health care centres for medical advice or check up.

4. Cancer; A woman in my street just died of cancer of the breast in not long ago and i notice she has been suffering from lumps for over few months now and she never visit the hospital. There are many free health care centers in all local governments or general hospitals in every town, if you notice any growth or pains in any region in the body, please my advice to you is to visit any of these areas to see the doctor either you are in Ibadan. Lagos, Benin, North or south-south.

5. Heart DiseaseS: Another common disease that cause death in Nigeria is heart diseases. This was the exact disease that kill my mum and in just one night, we lost her. The doctor later said that the woman has high blood pressure which she's been treating but due to time or other factor, she did not visit the hospital as often and this later result to severe heart problem which aggregated[ as she eat more food high in cholesterol, sugar, oil ]\and many more. 

I just notice frequent urination, i told her but she didn't see to my advice. So my readers, if you have any heart related issues, visit your doctor and based on the situation of the country now, you may decide to use any of the general hospital in your local government and you get the best treatments there. Don't wait until things get worse before you attend to them the right way.

6. Kidney diseases; The ability to remove excess water from the body is done through the kidney and it must \be well taken care of. You also need to avoid the abuse of drugs, smoking, and excessive use of pain reliever. Both liver and kidney are very important to our health and if you notice any change in your body, you need can visit your physician and shun any act of self medications and smoking too.

7. Typhoid: The governments in Nigeria are trying to ensure that the people have access to good health care with clean environments. Typhoid occur due to dirty water, dirty food, dirty environments, infections and many more. Just ensure you keep your environments clean, drink clean water, dispose waste properly, avoid dirty food and ensure proper hygiene.

8. Malaria: Malaria still kills and its been described as the leading cause of death in Nigeria. Just to be saved from this, ensure a clean environments, use mosquito nets, make sure you windows are well constructed with nets, and occasionally, visit your doctor for health advice, malaria test or other related issue.

9. High Level of Illiteracy: I really don't know how to describe this but many people still perish due to the high level of illiteracy they suffer from. I really do not how someone will just buy a pain reliever to reduce pain when such person is not even tired or suffering from pain. A simple sleep or rest can as well solve this in line with the fact excessive you of drugs or drug abuse can cause liver damage or kidney failure. 

Another thing i notice that most people in Nigeria especially Lagos still do not know that the exhaust coming out of generators contain carbon-monoxide which can kill but still exposes their lungs to this. This is really bad to the health and may cause death. I am using this medium to tell people to shun all activities such as this are unhealthy

10. Self Medication: Many people in Nigeria still believe they can just use drugs without the doctors prescription. No matter how simple a pain killer can be, it may not be friendly to the liver or kidney especially when used in excess. For every diseases you suffer, there are health professionals, doctors, nurses, laboratory scientist that can help you out with the best responds rather than going to the drug store and buying drugs for yourself and using it. This is unhealthy and i tell you that it may cause severe health cases like death. So desist from this and safe yourself the stress of severe health condition.

These are some of the things that cause death in Nigeria and to most Nigerians which are self medications, high level of Illiteracy, Malaria, Typhoid, Heart Diseases, Cancer, Diabetes, ignorance and childbirth. some of this are not really bad. Desist from some of these and you are doing yourself good with a safe health. Thanks for reading

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