Jul 3, 2019

10 Best High Protein Diet for Weight loss and Body Development

What are the best protein foods for weight loss and body development? I noticed that many people only know the basic function of protein as taught in elementary science but of all the food plan in nutrition, protein diets also play important role in cases of weight loss and developments. With all the few functions of proteins, we also need to know the type and source of protein rich foods.

Probably you don't know that wen the body lack protein, it slows down the growth of the body and lack of protein related diseases are very severe which means it better to eat foods rich in protein. And eating protein rich foods don't really make people fat which makes it good for weight loss and body building.
high protein diets the body needs

The function of protein in the body is very important and we could not allow the body get short of proteins before we decide to start eating proteins. Proteins is digested into pep-tones which is later converted into Amino-acid which the body requires in large quantities to build tissues in the body.

But many people seems not to understand some diets that are actually rich in proteins and so that they can eat, drink and become healthy. Proteins are body building food, it also repairs worn out tissues just like Vitamins which helps to increase body metabolism and good for weight management.

One of the reasons we need to eat high protein diet is to build the body, it does not contain fat and very healthy to grow taller which is the truth. But the question is "how do we recognize high protein diets to lose weight and development of the body"?   High protein diet includes;

1. Cheese: If you really want to lose weight through high protein foods, i believe one of the good examples is cheese. Cheese is very high in protein and has been seen as one of the most effective protein foods in the world. It is gotten from animal that is solid milk but very high in protein. It can be processed as chips, fried, fresh or mixed with other food items.

2. Soy-Beans: Soya beans is also very rich in protein and highly recommended for children for cell developments, weight loss and rapid growth. Soya beans is found in abundant at stores, markets, food shops and many more. If you have babies, you can buy this beans, grind it and process into juice for the child.
3. Cow-pea: This is also in the family of soya beans. Cow-pea is a collection of beans generally and it is high in protein which is also essential for body building. Cow-pea contains high proportion of proteins in it and can be cooked with rice or other carbohydrate to achieve balance diet.

4. Wheat: Wheat is a grain but also very high in protein. So if you are looking for a high protein diet for your body, then try wheat. You can buy the grains, processed it into powdered form and drink it like pap. tea or cook it like semi solid food. It i also recommended for old people as well as babies too due to its high protein contents.

5. Milk: Milk is good for the body, it build the body, it helps the body and its being regarded as one of the high protein diet in the world. If the body lack proteins or you experience any abnormalities in the body activities, you are free to drink milk and it will suppress every issues in the body.

6. Fish: This is also a rich source of protein gotten from rich. It is not only rich in protein but it is very rich in zinc which is responsible for fertility in both men or female. Fish contains essential vitamins to the body and its very healthy.

7. Lean Meat : Another rich source of protein is gotten from meat. Lean meat is very good to the body and it helps build the body and contains enough Amino acids the body needs.

8. Poultry Foods: Poultry foods like eggs, chicken, are known as white meat and it contains high amount of proteins the body needs. Poultry foods contains less of fat but high proteins that the body needs to function properly.

9. Sea Foods: Sea foods like oysters, lobsters, shrimps, crayfish, crabs all contains high amount of proteins the body needs. The protein is converted to pep-tones and later to amino acids for body building.

10. Locust Bean: This a crop or food item that contains high percentage of protein in it, it can be eating in it raw state or added to stew to give it nice smell with lot of medicinal values like good sight, low cholesterol, weight loss etc. It is called iru in Nigeria especially among the Yoruba tribes and commonly known as carob tree.

 These are the top high protein diet you can eat for body building, body development and weight loss and which helps the body grow well and repair tissues in the body. There are so many proteins but the list above contains huge amount of proteins in it. I hope you gained few things reading this post and if you have any questions,suggestions or complain,please use the comment box below. Thanks for reading.

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