Jun 4, 2019

What Happens When you Exercise Your Body 30 minutes Every day After Meal for a Month

What are the benefits of exercising everyday after eating for a month? In our previous post, we discussed some information on the benefits of jogging or eating in the morning without food and it was a wonderful post and I believed we learn few important tips from that. But if you are new on this site or just stumble on this post just now, you will find the link to the post below as you read on with this post where you can read the information for free.
Benefits of 30 minutes exercises daily without food

Getting to exercises your body 30minutes every day after meal is good for the body either for young people or old people but if you do eat before performing the exercises like running, cycling, skipping, jogging etc, it works better and faster. 

The answer: The answer to the question on what will happen if you exercise your body 30mins daily after food and for a period of one month is that you stay healthy, you experience weight loss and you get fit every day. 

Let look further into the benefits of the 30mins exercises and the various advantages of doing this every day for a month includes;

1.  Fast Body Metabolism: One of the best responds to the question on what will Happens if you Exercise Your Body 30Minutes every day in a Month after Breakfast is that your body experience quick body and cell metabolism. This means that you get fast breakdown of food and other substance in your body which keeps your body healthy.  Cell and body metabolism deals with the various processes that occur in the body while you are sleeping, awake, working or sited. 

2.  Fast Digestion of foods:  Another thing that happens if you Exercise Your Body 30Minutes every day in a Month after Breakfast is that your body experience fast digestion or food breakdown. Fast digestion means quick breakdown of food particles which will not allow remnant of food in your body, almost all will be burn out if you do exercises daily for a period of one month.

3.  Quick Weight loss: You lose weight due to fast digestion and increased body metabolism which you get as you exercise your body 30mins every day after eating food. You will see yourself getting slimmer and slimmer daily simply because you are burning fat due to blood circulation and metabolism. 

I don’t know if you been told that the best way to lose weight is to exercise your body and when you do that daily within a month, you lose weight much faster than you can think of.

4.  Lack of diseases: I will like you to know that people who do exercises are very healthy people not only because of just doing the exercises but the advantages that come along with the exercises they are doing. If you exercises your body like 30minutes daily after meal, all the organs in the body will be in their best state of functionality and the possibility of absence of diseases will be very high. 

Excess fat accumulation in the body is one of the major causes of diseases in the body leading to excess cholesterol, fat, fat and blockage of the blood vessels.

5.  Active brain: Recent research claims that the best way to take of the brain is to sleep and exercises your body in the little way you can do. If you don’t have time for cardio exercises which are exercises that makes the heart beat faster, you can as well do some walking probably in the morning or evening but ensure you walk or jog 30mins everyday and after 4 weeks, you will surprise at how active your brain will work and how healthy it will be. So, what happens when you do exercises 30mins everyday after eating is that it keeps the brain healthy and the brain cells 

6.  Good sleep:  One of the best responds to the question on what will Happens if you Exercise Your Body 30Minutes every day in a Month after Breakfast is that your body nerves are well relaxed and the circulation of blood are evenly distributed which makes you experience sound sleep all night long. And you that having good night sleep keeps your heart rate at the best rate, the brain very active and blood well distributed all over the body which makes you very health and free of illnesses.
7.  Body stamina: Have you ever wonder why most sport men are always very balance in stamina? It’s just because of the exercises they are doing such as press-ups, sit ups, jogging and many more. All these exercises also have effects on all organs of the body as well as distribution of blood and other transport materials throughout the body system.
8. Good Heart Beat: Someone complained to one of our doctors sometimes ago that he feels the heart rate isn’t normal. The doctor said how did he know that? But after various test were carried out on him, the doctor said the man doesn’t need any drug at that time that he only need to do some light exercises daily, reduce fatty foods and occasionally do some cardio. When he did all these, the heart beat went back to normally and he’s fully fit even without medications or drugs. 

This implies that doing 30mins exercises every day after meal keeps the heart healthy simply because these 30minutes exercises done daily keeps the blood vessels in active work of circulating blood throughout the body away and to the heart.

9. Evenly blood circulation: Just as we said earlier, 30minutes exercise daily after food will keep the heart safe and healthy and it prevent the heart from heart related diseases like hypertension, high blood pressure, stroke, cardiac arrest and many more.

10.  Getting rid of excess fat: Another thing that happen when you exercise your body everyday for 30mins for a month is that you will be burning fat daily and that will make you get slimmer and better especially if you are obese or overweight. 

In conclusion:
Just as we’ve discussed in the article body above, it makes a lot of sense to workout 30mins daily after eating for a month because it comes with lot of benefits such as it helps get rid of excess fat, it ensure evenly distribution of blood around the body, it improve the heart beat rate, it builds the body stamina, it ensure good sleep, it makes you lose weight fast, it makes the brain active, it ensure fast body metabolism, it improve digestion thereby making fast and it helps in prevention of diseases. 

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  1. i think its good to exercise the body 30 minutes everyday but getting the time is the problem due to the nature of my work. but will try as deduce time out of no time