Jun 19, 2019

How to Lose 10 Pounds Weekly or Monthly

How can i lose 10pounds weekly or in a month? The best way to lose weight is to take it gradually like losing 10 pounds either weekly or monthly. Gradual method of weight loss is the best way to achieve a very good and rapid weight loss without side effect. If you can measure you weight loss progress weekly and monthly, you will see a drastic result within few months and you will be glad you did.

Someone asked said that the admin of these site have been posting different ways to lose weight but she said can we be specific and i said i really don't know what she meant by specific and she suggested this topic on 'Ways to Lose 10 Pounds" 

There are many thing you can do to lose 10 pounds within a weekly or monthly which i believe every weight loss ideas can also help. By calculations, 10 pounds when converted to kilograms give 4.536kg. It means when we talk about you or anybody losing 10 pounds per week or month, we are talking about losing 4.5kg and above which i believe is achievable.

If you are to lose 10 pounds, you need to do the following and be serious about it, it includes; 

1. Reduce or Avoid Fatty Foods: One of the ways and things you can do to lose over 4.5kg of weight or monthly is to avoid eating fatty foods. Fatty foods are foods rich in fat such as animal fat, fried foods like chin-chin, burger, and many more. You can start by avoiding fat rich foods and replacing it with more lighter food and within a week, you start getting results little by little. After a while or within a month, you would have lose like 10pounds.

2. Eat More Fresh Fruits: Another things i recommend for anybody to lose weight such as 10 pounds in a week or in a month is to try as much as possible to eat more fruits . Examples of weight loss fruits are cabbage, apple, oranges, watermelon, grapes, carrot, raw tomatoes, garden egg, pineapple, pear, strawberry, Avocados and many more. Fruits have Vitamins helps the body and it provides enzymes that repair tissues in the body as well as enzymes that aids digestion. Fast digestion rate helps to increase body metabolism rate as well as weight loss, this means that you can lose up to 10 pounds when you are based on fruits during the week.  

How to lose 10 pounds weekly or monthly

3. Just eat less: You not only eat less of food but less of high fat foods, high carbohydrate food, high sugary food all which that can make you add weight but instead you can eat more of fruits and other fiber fruits. Doing this, i assure you that 10 pounds cab be lost in a week or within a month. Many have tried this method, some are still trying it while i believe it can still work for you. 

4. Do Some Cardio Exercise: If you think you cant lose 10 pounds within a week or in a month without pills, then you need to try this. You only need to do simple cardio exercise and be consistence with it. Cardio exercise are exercise that makes increases your breath faster during or after the exercise. Examples of cardio exercise includes running, speed walking, fast jogging, hurdles, skipping and cycling. Cardio exercise can help you lose 10 or 4.5kg of grams within a week or within a month but you only need to get consistence with it and you get the result you need in little time.

5. Eat Fiber Foods: Another better way to achieve a weight loss of about 10 pounds per week or per month is to fed on fiber foods. Fiber foods aids digestion and it also increases the body metabolism rate which ensures weight loss. Examples of fiber foods are cucumber, maize, garden egg, pawpaw, watermelon, cabbage and many more. Doing exercise and eating fiber foods guarantee a 10 pounds weight loss.

These are different things to do to lose 10 pounds. This you can do weekly or monthly and you get the result. Just eat more fiber foods, do some exercise, do some cardio, eat less, avoid fatty foods, and eat more fresh fruits which contains lot of vitamins. Thanks for reading.

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  1. if i may make some contribution, i will like to add that plank exercises can also help cut down excess fat in the body especially the belly