Jun 10, 2019

Can Smoking Cigarette Prevent Cold During Rainy Season?

I welcome you to this our site where all we talked about is on healthcare and fitness and we also give out health tips and instructions on matters related to health. Now, we are in the rainy season in many part of the world now and I see that people around me are giving in on smoking of cigarette to keep off cold during the rainy period.

I've noticed that cigarette smoking is the reigning thing now that it is raining but the fact about smoking is that the dangers are just too numerous to mention. And the fact which I've gathered over the years is that smoking do not prevent cold during rainfall or during rainy season instead you addicted and you may find it very difficult to quit.

Just like a coach who is a tobacco addict but claim the cigarette smoking usually make him get warm which is not true. 

Can Smoking  Cigarretes Prevent Cold During Rainy Season?

If you think smoking will make you feel hot or keeps you warmer during the rainy season, i believe this is not true because it only keeps you warm only for few seconds when the cigarette is still in your hands.

Instead, smoking will only worsen the case by exposing your lungs to cancer, lungs diseases and other diseases related to smoking.

Smoking will never prevent cold during rain or if you think it will keep you warm, then its a big lie. Some of the things you can do instead of smoking are;

1. Do Some Exercise: Instead of smoking cigarettes and thinking it can prevent cold or get you warm, you can do exercise like walking, running, jogging, skipping, dancing and many more. This exercise will keep you warm during the day than smoking which does nothing. 

Instead of smoking, exercises will keep you healthy, fit and ensure blood are well circulated around your body which can boost your metabolism and increase your body digestion rate.

2. Eat More Fruits: A man says that what is the best alternative to cigarette smoking and i said fruit is good. Eating fruits during the rainy season is far more healthy than smoking in the sense that the fruits will add more vitamins and minerals to your body which is good compared to smoking.

can smoking prevent cold 

    3. Eat More Vitamins: You could decide to eat food items that are very rich in Vitamin-C, Vitamin E, Vitamin D, Vitamin A and others instead of smoking. All these you can get in fruits and vegetables but not in smoking which gives no advantages but disadvantages such as addiction.

    4. Drinking Hot Tea
    : Hot tea that contains milk provides more benefit to the body than smoking. If you think smoking will keep you warm, then the answer is no but hot tea can do that in addition to proteins it gives your body. Tea with milk contains calcium which is required for growth, bone formation and blood formation.

    5. Wear Cloths: Smoking of Cigarettes cannot prevent cold during the rainy season but thick cloths can do that. If you feel cold and it becoming more colder than you think, then its time you get yourself thick cloths, rain coats and many more.

    All these can keep you warm without side effects but smoking will never keep you warm and the side effect is much more greater than you think. So at this season of rain, avoid smoking and stay healthy. Thanks for reading.


    1. Smoking is not d solution to cold.

    2. I was importuned to speak on smoking in my department on effect of smoking but no one seems to believe me that smoking isn't the best for warrm during rainfall or cold weather. But the ideas stated here are enough to help convince others on the effect of smoking of cigarette for cold