Jun 9, 2019

6 Common Habits That Can Cause Damage to The Liver Without Knowing It

What are the common habits that could cause damage to the liver without knowing? Like I said in our previous post on habits that damage the kidney, I noticed that information is light and ignorance is a slow death. That is why we are using this medium to educate ourselves on various habits that can damage the liver and you may not knowing.

If you have been to the hospitals lately or you have seen various support group on health issues, you will notice that health issues relating to liver damage or liver diseases is becoming common but many of these liver issues are caused by the people themselves because they don't know what they are doing or what they are consuming.

The Liver is one of the most important organ in the body of humans, it helps to digest foods such as drugs and alcohol, it helps to digest fat and sugar and it also helps in the passage of waste materials to the kidney which is later sent for excretion.

I was so surprise to see a young lady smoking and drinking alcoholic drink and the funniest thing is that she was very happy. This habit of drinking alcohol or addiction to drugs are things that can damage the liver and also it can affect the kidney as well which pose a serious health risk to an individual but many people don't know how serious the effect is to their body until they have liver diseases.

Diseases of liver are very serious because it has something to do with life, death, excretion, digestion and many more. But there are some habit we need to do away with either as a man or woman prevent causing damage to the liver, some which includes;

1. Extra Weight Gain: One of the habit that can cause damage to the liver without knowing it is weight gain. Weight gain is caused by so many factors like eating too much of junks, excess fat, lack of exercise, sugar and many more. The liver digest fat and when the body accumulate more fat that it can be digested, then it begins to store in the liver cells which later damage the liver which is a genesis of liver diseases in the body.

2.  Frequent Smoking: Smoking is really a bad habit and the federal ministry has warned that smokers are liable to die young. When you smoke, it affects the lungs and in another way, it also affect the liver because some of the substances in cigarettes like nicotine all find their way into the stomach to form nicotine acid which is later stored in the liver, this cause a gradual breakdown of the liver.
Habit that can Cause Liver Disease

3. Excessive Drugs: Excess drugs intake is another practice that destroys or cause damage to the liver and I can tell you that many of these drugs user don't know about this. The liver is the only organ in the body that digest drugs and if you are the type that takes too much of drugs like pain killers, sedatives, laxatives etc, you are exposing your liver to becoming damaged. 

In order to avoid getting your liver damaged, please you need to avoid taking too much of drugs or better still, consult your doctor before buying or taking any drugs.

4. More Alcohol;  Alcohol such as rum, spirit, vodka, beer etc are drug and it is digested and store only in the liver. If you like drinking alcohol or you are the type that enjoys hanging around with friends that drinks too much of alcohol then, this is also a habit that can gradually destroys the liver. Just like a blender, by the time you put much pepper than it can grind, then the engine becomes hot and with time, it breakdown. 

The liver also does the same when you overwhelm it with excessive intake of alcohol, it will slow down the process of removal of toxic substance or toxins in the body and gradually, it breakdown. If you like yourself and you want to prevent any kind of liver related diseases, then avoid taking too much of alcohol.

5. Accumulated Stress; Someone told me that her friend was diagnose of liver related issues and she was scared because the girl does not take drugs and she does not smoke but i told that even without drugs and smoking, a fellow can still cause damage to his or her liver if she does not rest. 

Stress is one of the things that cause liver damage or liver diseases and some of the things that cause stress are late night browsing, late night work, lack of sleep, lack of rest and many more. You must find time to rest because the body undergo various types of repairs during sleep or resting period. 

6. Over exposure to Chemicals: If you are the type that get exposed to chemicals to get high or intoxicated, then that is a bad habit that can damage the liver gradually. Imagine someone who is addicted to inhaling methylated spirits, burning tyres, inhaling smokes and many more. 

In Conclusion, these are some of the things that cause damage to the liver without knowing it and you only need to find a way of balancing things up and avoiding excess drugs intake, drinking too much alcohol, reducing stress and do more of exercise. All these will prevent your liver from getting destroyed and it makes it healthy. Thanks of reading.

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  1. Chemically induced foods and excess consumption of fat isn't good for the liver still.