May 13, 2019

When to Test for High Blood Pressure at any Age

When do i start testing myself of High blood pressure? This is one of the question i see people ask their doctor or seek medical attention for and i will be using this medium to let us know when to start testing for high blood pressure either as an adult, when young or at any age.
When to test the bpressure level in adult

I also got to know that high blood pressure is one of the major cause of death of people in many part of the world but more common in my own area where i come from and also in many part of Africa, Europe and America.

I am also writing this post on "when to test the high blood pressure as an Adult" because i wrote on when to start testing for blood sugar in our previous post. As an adult or ant any age, you must learn to keep your self save and healthy which is done as start testing your blood and other part of the body for one diseases or the other even as you grow older and older. 

Blood pressure either high or low cause hypertension, hypo-tension, cardiac arrest, high blood pressure, stroke etc all which are life threatening and dangerous which could lead to death not only for mature people but also for young people or at any age.

You not only need to Testing for blood sugar as an adult and at a certain age but you also need to start testing your body blood pressure too. Just recently, a boy was playing football on the street and after the 90minutes of play, he started gasping for breath and heart beat was increasing and increasing and everyone got scare. 

He was taken to the hospital and was diagnosed of heart problems due to low blood pressure. I saw this situation and i feel everyone should know his or her blood pressure condition to know if the blood pressure is high, low or normal.

The high blood pressure is usually done for free in the hospital before treatment for people of all ages as long as the person is an adult or approaching adulthood.  You should try as much as possible to test your blood pressure when you see the following health signs;

1. Test When You are Sick: High blood pressure is a very terrible diseases, Even the nurses in the hospital do run a high blood pressure check on any adult patient just to know the health condition of the patient heart pressure either healthy or unhealthy. So if you are feeling some signs and symptoms of any illness such as malaria or typhoid, please tell the nurse or doctor to also check for high blood pressure which is very important.

 2. As you get Older Age: At what age do i test for blood pressure? It is very good for you to start testing your high blood pressure as you grow older and older in age. At the age of 30, 35, 40 above, it is safe and healthy to occasionally visit the doctor and let him or her examine your blood pressure level. 

Or you can also buy the blood pressure kit and test yourself to know if your blood pressure is high, low or in the normal state. People who are ignorance of these do fall sick while some of them dies at young age not knowing their blood pressure is high.

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3. When Frequent Urination: You can test yourself for high blood pressure at any age young or old if you experience frequent urination. One area where people need to start testing or measuring their blood pressure regularly is if you or anybody you know urinate multiple times a day or at night before day break. Frequent urination is one of the major signs of high blood pressure which leads to some serious ailments that leads to sudden death.

4. Weight Gain: You can test yourself for blood pressure as you get fatter, If you are an adult is early 40s or above, please now is the time you need to measure your blood pressure even if your the most healthiest person on earth. 

Then it is more paramount when you notice you are gaining weight or if you are adding more salt and sugar to the body. Weight gain promote various types of cardio vascular diseases such as hypertension and high blood pressure which may lead to death. This may be as a result of eating too much sugar, fatty foods, fried foods and soft drinks which contains sugar.
5. During Weakness: .As an adult, you don't need to ask anyone when you are suppose to test for high blood pressure if you are weak. Weakness is one of the major symptoms of high or low blood pressure. Don't assume that weakness is due to stress or hard work, just test yourself of blood pressure to be sure of your health status.

In Conclusion
These are things, factors, things or time that tells you when you need to go get yourself of some test relating to high blood pressure. Go for high blood pressure check or test when you are weak, as you gain weight, if you experience frequent urination, when you are sick or as you grow older. 

This tells you the normal condition of your heart, you don't need to assume you are healthy, just test yourself and that is it. Thanks for reading.

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  1. Th simple truth about the heart is that it drops as the body ages. From age 40, either you are healthy or not, with problems or not, all you need is to check your blood pressure and sugar level ones in a while. Thnaks