May 24, 2019

When Can I Test for My Blood Sugar Level as an Adult?

When to Test for Sugar Level as an Adult? I noticed that the rate at which people have sugar related issues these days seems to be on the alarming and we need to educate ourselves on early detection of sugar in the body and the only way you can do that is no other way than to always test for your sugar level regularly just to be aware of any unforeseen circumstance like sugar diseases. 

For now, early detection is the major breakthrough for sugar related cases or diseases but people where like "when do i go for a blood sugar test"?

I am writing this post on "when to go test on blood sugar level" due to what i saw recently when a friend asked me that what is the appropriate time to start testing the blood sugar even if you are not diabetic but as an adult.

Testing for blood sugar as an adult is one of the best way to take care of your health and to really know active state of your body insulin level and how fast it can digest sugar. For people who are diabetic, its is recommended they check their blood glucose level like 3 times per day because most people eat 3 times per day in which few things could have change in the blood sugar level.

But for adult generally, you can start to test for your sugar level when;

1. When You are Sick or During illness: Do you know that Diabetes has killed many people because they do not put their health in consideration as well as their body sugar level. Just like any other sickness, diabetes do have a common symptoms but you need to test for to be sure if you have excess sugar in your blood. If you are sick, or you notice you are under stress, or you experience slight headache then as an adult, you should test find time to test your body sugar level.

2. Using One's Instinct: Let me give you an illustration, a man asked me that "when should he start testing himself for excess sugar which may cause diabetes at the long run, i also asked him why he wants to know and he said, his instinct asked him, Many people are like that that when their though goes towards a particular observation, they try to obey such mind set.

3. As you grow older: As you grow older from your 30s to 40s, 50s and down to the 60s, it is recommended you start to do a general health check up including sugar test. As the body grow older, some organs in the body also drops in functionality and that is the more reasons you need to check your too.

When to test the blood sugar level in adult

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4. Few Hours After Meals: For diabetic people or people showing symptoms of diabetes, you need to test for sugar after meal. As an adult, you need to check your blood sugar level once in a while after meal especially after drinking too much of sugary drinks or sugar. Some aged people do test for their blood glucose level after eating much carbohydrate which later breaks down to smaller sugar contents;

5. When Frequent Urination: Another condition of time to start testing for your blood sugar level is if you begin to experience frequent urination. I observe a friend's mum in which she urinates more than 10times per night before day break and i got worried of the situation. After a while i hear her blood pressure is high and she had diabetes. This means that if she had gone for blood sugar test at the earlier stage of the urination, then she would have corrected that before becoming a full blown diabetes.

6. During Weight Gain: Another time you need to start testing your blood glucose level is when you notice you are gaining weight and its not reducing especially fat around the stomach level. A times, weight gain occurs as a result of excessive consumption of sugar or surgery drink which affect the body insulin later in life.

7. After Sugary Drink: As an adult, you can start testing for your blood sugar level if your urine is sugary and how will you know that, you will know that if your urine get surrounded by sugar ants, this means you are becoming diabetic due to high level of sugar in your body.

8. During Weakness: If you are an adult either a man or woman around the 40s and 60s and you notice you get weak often or during physical activities, you need to visit the doctor and explain to him if he will ask you to go test your blood for sugar.

In Conclusion,
If you an adult, you should start to test your blood sugar level if you are experiencing some of the symptoms explained above such as during weakness, after taking sugary drink, during weight gain, after meal, during frequent urination, when you see signs of sickness and many times, as you grow older. These are the symptoms experienced by people in the early time of diabetes which can be averted due to drugs or medications.

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