May 28, 2019

Natural Ways to Cure Hangover Without Taking Drugs or Seeing a Doctor

Hangover is a health condition of being unstable after a series of alcohol consumption. As you read on with this post, we will be posting various solution to cases of hangover after drinking too much beer, rum or other alcoholic drink. That is why it is very good to drink alcohol in moderation and with lot of caution. 

But it is possible to find natural ways to reducing or curing this effect with seeing a doctor or without drugs. This you will get as you read on with this post and learn from it.

Before we continue let us take a look at this illustration, just last night, a boy in my neighborhood got drunk and was misbehaving everywhere to the extent that he fell into the gutter, people were scared that he has taking too much alcohol that he might die but i told them he won't die that only a few things can be done and he will sleep and get over it that its just Hangover.

After the drunk has cleared and the boys' body has calm down, he complained of hangover and how to get the cure without taking pills, some of the thing i recommended then are what i am writing on this post now for all to see.

What is Hangover?

Hangover is a condition where the body get dehydrated due to loss of water through excess consumption of alcohol. Hangover is accompanied with headache with frequent urination and the best way to get over this condition without pills or doctor are described below;

1. You Need to Drink Plenty Water: One of the ways to cure hangover naturallly without drugs or seeing a doctor. If you get hangover it means you must have taken too much of alcohol which affect your body system, the body loses water, the body get dehydrated and you have migraine but you can reduce or cure this condition simply by drinking more and more water especially the cold water. 

Drinking cold water will help you restore the lost water and get the body cells and organs in it normal functional state without using any prescription drugs.

2. Eat Nuts: Groundnut has been seen to be very effective in curing hangover naturally without seeing a doctor and drugs. Sometimes ago, i had hangover shortly after drinking so much alcohol at a party but when i bought a nuts such as walnut and groundnut, i notice the hangover vanishes within the shortest period of time. 

That is why am personally recommending the idea of buy and eating nut if you or anyone you know had this condition. Groundnut is very good for the reduction of hangover.
Cure Hangover be treated Without drugs

3. Moderate Fats: Because fat is regarded as high calorie food, it can help restore the lost fluid in the body and gives energy which reduces hangover and set the body in it normal working condition without seeing a doctor or taking drugs. 

Fat recommended includes snacks, animal fat, plant fat, doughnuts etc but you must be very careful to eat all these food because it may cause weight gain in people, this i see as a side effect of fat but must be eating a moderate amount.

4. Frequent Bathing: Hangover removes water from the body of people who drinks too much alcohol along a headache, you can get a cure to this condition by simply taking your showers as many times as you can. 

Taking your shower helps regulate the body temperature and replaces the dehydrated fluid in the skin with water, this reduces or cure the hangover condition very fast and you body remains as healthy as ever.

5. Get More Sleep: Hangover can be very terrible if after you've taking too much alcohol, you got drunk and you still think of going out or working out around. The only thing you need to cure the hangover effect without pills or drugs is to sleep well. If you don't sleep, the migraine increases and you may never get the best health condition than to bath multiple times and sleep. Sleep and rest is the best way to cure hangover in men or women.

6. Avoid More Alcohol; the effect of hangover such as migraine or dizziness can be cured naturally simply by avoiding alcohol. Alcohol is a drug and it is dangerous to the health like the body organs like liver and kidney. Alcohol causes serious health issues even more severe than hangover. So, the best prevention of hangover, the best cure, the solution is to avoid alcohol and replace it with water of natural fruits instead.

7. Grains: One of the natural ways to cure hangover at home without drugs or seeing a doctor especially if you are involved in it is to eat whole grains or normal grains. Grains like wheat, maize, beans, sorghum, soya beans etc are high in fiber and can fasten the rate of digestion in the body.

In Conclusion, These are natural ways you can use to cure hangover with any drugs or doctor. You only need to drink more water, take some veggies,  eat more grains, sleep well, eat nuts, eat fats and lastly, avoid drinking alcohol to the extent that makes you drink, Stay healthy and thanks for reading.

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  1. The only thing I can say about hangover is that you need to see your doctor if the case is severe and secondly is to drink alcohol. In moderation and also do not mix vodka and beer probably because it is available. Thanks