May 8, 2019

Natural Remedy for Yellow Fever Without Drugs

What are the Natural Cure for Yellow Fever Without Drugs : Yellow fever is a disease gotten from the bite of yellow fever mosquitoes and some other species of mosquitoes. Yellow fever is caused by an infected mosquito transferring the yellow fever virus into humans but the natural remedy will be explained as you read on.

The symptoms of yellow fever includes skin or eye turns yellow, back pain, headache, loss of appetite, nausea, dizziness, fever, muscle aches, decreased irritation, vomiting, shivering etc. Yellow fever is more severe when left untreated or in young children without prompt treatments.

As you read on, we will be describing the natural treatments for yellow fever without drugs but herbs and other health ideas.

Natural Remedy for Yellow Fever Without Taking Tablets

1. Bitter Leaf: Bitter leaf is said to contain enzymes and extract that helps prevent yellow fever in people. You can get these natural cure by getting bitter leaf, squeeze bitter leaves with little water and add some quantity of orange juice. Administer to patients by taking half glass, 2 times daily for 2 weeks.

2 Neem Leaves: Another effective way to treat yellow fever naturally is the use of neem leaves called Dongo-Yaro. This plant is a very useful plant that works for almost all ailments. Just get the plant bark, cook it and drink after it cool. It contains extract and enzymes that fight yellow fever naturally in the body and prevent it without drugs

natural cure yellow fever
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      3. Lemon Grass; One of the ways to cure yellow fever naturally without taking tablets or drugs is through the wonder plant called lemon grass. Regular consumption of lemon grass helps to cure yellow fever and you don't need to start prescription drugs before you cure such diseases.

      These are natural ways to cure yellow fever without the use of drugs but if symptoms persist, you need to consult your doctor as fast as possible for medical advice or treatments. Thanks for reading.

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