May 8, 2019

Natural Remedy for Worm Infections Without drugs

How can i cure my worm infection using natural methods without drugs?

Before we start looking at the various ways of treating worm infection naturally without taking tablets or drugs, we need to just get few information on worms, how its been infected and the various remedy of reducing it free from home.

Worms are parasites that lives and feed on a living host which derives nutrients and food from the host and the host gains nothing but weakness. There are so many types of worms that can cause damages to the body thereby causing diseases or weakness to the body, some which includes tapeworm, roundworm, hookworm and many more.

Excessive presence of worms in children could cause a poor growth of child, slender growth, irritation, vomiting, etc.

Some of these worms are ingested through contaminated water, food or environments. But can be removed or reduces through natural methods without the use of worm drugs or medical treatments.

The general symptoms of worms in the body includes weight loss, loss of appetite, fatigue, itching, coughing, malnutrition, and many more.

Natural Remedy for Worms

1. Lemon Grass: Consumption of lemon grass is one of the few natural ways of treating worm infection. Get lime, lemon grass, Neem leaves(dongoyaro) water and do the following. Cook few pieces of lime, lemon grass and neem leaves together all together in 2 liters of water and after then administer to patients 3 times daily for 5 days.

natural remedy for worms
2. Eat clean foods and water: Another natural remedy for worms or worm infections without the use of drugs in the body is to ensure you eat clean food and drink clean water. This is one way people infected with worms and in so doing,you need to ensure you toilet or soak-away is very far from your water source or bore hole. This ensure good health care through proper hygiene with clean environments. Dirty environment serves as a  favorable habit for worm developments

3. Well Cooked Foods: Another recommended natural ways to cure or prevents worms infections in the body is to ensure food are cooked very well. Make all food items bought in the market such as meat, pork, beef, fish, chicken are cooked well and when i mean cooked well, i mean boiled thoroughly, it helps kills germs or hidden worms in the meat of food items.

Better still, consult your doctor if you notice the following symptoms explained above but the natural methods to treating worms explained above works. Thanks for reading.

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