May 2, 2019

Natural Remedy for Mouth Odour

Many people with mouth odour or bad breath do not even know that have such until a friend or relative tells them that their mouth is really smelling bad and some have tried various method to cure this mouth disease still no positive result but the natural ways to treat mouth odour which you are reading works wonderfully.

Mouth odour refers to the condition of the mouth oozing with such an unpleasant smell. Mouth odor is cause by a bacteria on the tongue or in the mouth. So such bacteria with begin to multiply and their activity around the mouth causes the mouth to smell really bad.

Other cause of mouth includes smoking, dry mouth, decayed food particles around the gum region,poor hygiene, dental problems etc.

The natural remedy or natural ways to treat mouth odour includes;

1. Honey contains active substance that kills mouth germs which cause mouth odor. You can treat the mouth odour naturally without drugs by licking more of honey. You can get honey, mix the honey with lime juice together and wash your mouth with the mixture two times daily or if it someone you know who had this disease, then try as much a possible to give this instruction to the person and you will begin to see changes in the mouth odor.

2. Good Hygiene: One of the ways to treat mouth odour naturally is to maintain a personal hygiene by washing the mouth after meal, before meal and multiple times daily. This will prevent some germs from having access to the tooth or gum region.
Natural Remedy for Mouth Odour
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      3. The best natural remedy or natural ways to treat mouth odour is to chew the stems or bark of trees like dongoyaro, kolanut, cashew, bitter leaf. All these trees have an active agent in them that fight bacteria, virus or other micro organism that can cause decaying or mouth odour.

      These are the natural ways to cure mouth odour and highly recommended for you or people with mouth odor. Not every time we use mouth wash but the natural herbs listed above are good. Thanks for reading. 

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