May 16, 2019

How to Lose Weight and Get Slim In South Africa Without Stress

How can i lose weight and get slim in South Africa without spending so much? I noticed that many of our readers in South Africa including men, women, guys, ladies and youths are finding it difficult to lose weight according to our recent study. Some even spend money on weight loss tablets, gym services and other weight loss ideas which don't seems to work for them. Many even see weight loss as being too stressful which is not true.

I see that If you take a look at the level of obesity in South Africa or among South Africans, its on the high side which seems like everyone is obese and heavy. I also noticed that the present economic situation and love for junks is really getting hard this days coupled with the fact that people feed on what they see, cheap food items that contains too much fat, starch, sugar, fats and oil, salt and many more. 

Still, some South African men and women seems to be gaining more weight through their bad feeding habit.

Many low class people in South Africa are fat much more than the rich ones who could afford to eat anything. I can tell you that its not so easy to lose weight in South Africa based on the fact that the the common foods are bread, rice all contains starch, fat all which makes people gain weight and become fat. 

But getting to slim down is becoming so tough for many South Africans like me add more weight but as you read on, we will be providing information on ways to lose weight, burn excess calories and slim down while even as a South African living in South Africa. Some of these ways includes;

1. Do Some Exercises: One of the best way to lose weight and get slim as a South African without stress is to ensure you exercise your body regularly in one way or the other. Exercise is healthy and it helps to burn off excess calories or undigested food items in the body. This can be inform of plank exercises, walking, running, jogging, skipping, stretches, Cycling and and many more. Exercises increases your body metabolism and increase your digestion rate which makes you look trimmed and slim.

2. Eat More Fruits: Another way to lose weight and get slim down in South Africa without stress is to make it a habit of eating more fruits than eating junks. I know many of us due to work are very busy and we eat more of puff puff, doughnuts, egg roll etc. But when you eat fruits like watermelon, grape, orange, pineapple, apples etc contains Vitamins that help to aid digestion and increases the body metabolism which helps to burn fat and get slim

3. Eat More Fiber Foods: Fiber crops also works when it comes to weight loss among South Africans. Many fruits like garden egg, pineapple, apple, watermelon all contains fiber that aids digestion which are recommended for all South Africans to eat to get slim down through weight loss. If you really want to help yourself by losing weight, then eat more fiber crops.
lose weight and slim down

4. Try to Avoid Fried Food: To lose weight and get slimmer even as a South African living in South Africa, you need to avoid eating fried foods like fried meat, fried fish, chin-chin, doughnut and many more. A better replacement to this to eat fresh food items and no need to fry them excessive and it may be worse when you begin to eat fried food with animal fat, excess this can cause high cholesterol.

5. Reduce The Amount of Sugar Intake : Based on reports, we noticed that average people living in South Africa prefers sugary drinks, soft drinks, sweet biscuits and many more. All these thing are what makes people have trouble burning fat and slimming down without problems. Sugar is stored as glycogen which is digested with fat in it. So, to slim down, you need to avoid some of these sugary drinks and replace with natural fruits or water.

6. Try Start Walking Exercises: It pains me to see some of my friends in South Africa take their cars to church, markets, or very short distances that are walk-able and can be walked at that distance. Later they start complaining their are gaining so much weight and they are not slimming down as required. In order to lose weight and get slim down in any state you are in the Southern part of Africa, learn to walk, and avoid going with your car on short distance. Walking burns excess fat in the body and its very effective.

7. Eat Less of Carbohydrate Foods: Most foods items loved by many South Africans includes rice, noodles, starch, pap, coco yam, yam and many more All these food contains high contents of carbohydrate which in return adds some weight to the body. the best solution to this is to eat less of these carbohydrate food and eat more of balance diet. Better still, add some veggies and vitamins.

8. Eat more Vegetables and Fruits: To lose weight and slim down in South Africa or as a South African man or woman without stress, you need to consume more vegetables. Vegetable helps to aids digestion and it increases the body rate of metabolism in the body. Not only that, vegetables contains vitamins and Minerals that helps improve the state of health of the body and burns excess fat in the body that helps to lose weight.

9. Drink Some Water : Water aid digestion and dissolve food substances fast. Water is the best universal solvent in the world that can dissolve all food materials in the body. Water aids digestion and the more you drink water, the better the rate of digestion and the healthier you look. I recommend you drink more water than to drink sugary items.

10. Plank Exercises: One of the sure ways to lose weight fast is through plank exercise which is simple and fast.  It works for people and i believe it will also work for you too. It also helps to burn fat around the belly region and gives you a flat tummy if your belly is big.

In Conclusion
These are things you need to consider which can help you lose weight and get your body slim down in South Africa without going through stress. Do some exercises, do plank exercises, drink more water, eat more vegetables and fruits, eat more fiber foods, avoid fatty foods, eat less high calorie foods etc. I think I've been able to help with ideas on various ways to reduce your weight and recommended diet you need to slim down even if you live in any state in this country. Thanks for reading. 

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  1. Being overweight doesn't apply to Nigerians and South Africans alone but people are overweight even in USA and UK where we are. Lack of exercises, soft junks and too much of starch are what is making people gain weight and finding it difficult to shed away.