May 6, 2019

How to Keep the Brain Healthy Without Spending Too Much

What are the Ways to Keep the Brain Healthy Without Spending Much Money

This post is directed for everyone who overwork their brain due to various activities such as late night work, stress, addiction to drugs or alcohol, excessive reading and many more. Many times, we fail to know that the brain isn't a machine and should not undergo rigorous work than it capacity or it becomes something else like mental issue, stroke, depression and many more.

The brain is the primary organ in the body and its been regarded as the chief organ that controls all other activities in the body. The brain controls other systems in the body such as blood vessels, skin, neurons,reproductive and many more.

Since the brain is the organ that controls the overall body system including the sight, smell, hear, sense etc. It should be kept in the best state of health with proper care so it doesn't get stressed up.

The implications of not getting the brain in steady state of health includes diseases like stroke, hypertension, insomnia, mental disorder, madness, and many more. To keep the brain healthy, you need to do the following;

1. Exercise regularly: One of the best to keep the human brain healthy for free is to partake in exercises to make it fit and function properly. Exercise like running, jogging, stretching, walking, yoga, playing games, skipping and many more keeps the brain healthy.

2. Get Enough sleep: Another way i recommend for anyone to keep the brain healthy is to have enough sleep. You don't need to get bothered of anything but learn to observe the siesta (afternoon sleep), proper night sleep of over 7hours and others. This keeps the brain relaxed and ready for more challenges that may occur. 

how to keep the brain healthy

3. Relax: In addition to sleeping which is another good way to keep the brain healthy without spending money, you also need to relax. Relaxation can be in any form such as sleeping, watching television, listening to music, reading books and many more. It keeps the brain healthy.

4. Take Supplements: There are many supplements that are very good for the brain to keep it healthy. Many of these supplements contains nutrients that helps in the developments of brain cells which is good to the health.

5. Fish Oil: Fish oil are oil extracted from fish and are very important in building brain cells and tissues and keeping it in perfect healthy state. You can get some of these fish oil at the market, store or in supplements like Omega -H3 or eating fresh fish like Titus fish, sardine and others.

6. Vitamins and Vegetable: Another good way to take care of the brain is to ensure you eat more vitamins and minerals. Vitamins helps build the body cells and tissues and repair worn-out tissues including the brain cells. Vitamins like Vitamin A, B, C, D, E, K all contributes to the normal functioning of the brain.

7. Avoid Thinking: When you think especially if you think excessively, you are reducing the brain activities by making the brain work more instead of the brain to relax and function properly
. The more you think, the more you are susceptible to having diseases like the high blood pressure, hypertension which may lead to death.

The paramount thing that matters to you most is to adjust you ways, ensure your brain are kept healthy, avoid things that can disrupt its activities because the brain controls every other activities in the body or you end up spending money when the reverse happens. Remember health is wealth. Thanks for reading.


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