May 9, 2019

How to Cope With The Rainy Season

Ways to Cope with the Rainy Season

Its already the rainy season in some part of Africa like Nigeria and everywhere seems to be wet. Its not only the wetness but accompanied with a fall in temperature which brings cold.

The rainy season is such a blessing because it makes the farmers harvest more thereby providing food to the people but still, the rainy season if not careful can also bring diseases like cold, catarrh, typhoid, influenza, and many more.

Its very easy to cope with the rainy season by adjusting to the season in one way or the other. You can cope with the rainy season through the following;

1. Thick Clothing: One of the best way to cope with the rainy season is to wear thick clothing since everywhere is cold. These thick clothing will always keep you warm and prevents you from contacting the cold syndrome.

2. Stay Warm: You can also cope with the rainy season by ensuring you stay a dry environments to keep you warm. You can still get a cheap warmer when the cold becomes colder and this will help

3. Avoid Cold Drinks: If you are use to drinking cold water, soft drinks, etc, you can give a break to that at this time. The only thing you need to take is hot or warm drinks like tea, coffee and others. This will also prevents you from cold and catarrh at this time.

coping with rain season

4. Fruits: The fruits contains vitamins and minerals that are beneficial to the body than junks. At this season of rainfall, you need to eat more fruits like oranges, watermelon, pineapple, mango, carrots and many more. It boost your immune system and helps the body for easy digestion and metabolism.

5. Avoid Smoking: Forget the fact that smoking will keep you warm at this rainy season, it is even more harmful than ever to smoke at this time. So, what you do is to replace smoking with hot tea, good food like vegetables, fruits, fibers etc.

6. Exercise: One of the best ways to enjoy the rainy season is to do exercises. You can take part in exercises like walking, jogging, dancing, running and many more. This exercise will keep you warm and healthy.

These are things you can do during the rainy season and live well with it. Do this and you will be free of diseases or all others. Thanks for reading.

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