May 14, 2019

Foods That Can Cause Heart Problems and Shortness of Breath in Old People

What are the foods that Can Cause Heart Problems and Shortness of Breath in older people? This was the question that was discussed in just concluded health week in our centers with so many answers from different doctors, dietician and other health experts. 

I decided to write on this various foods due to the increase in the report or rate of health issues concerning shortness of breath and heart problems in old people. And we are using this medium to enlighten our readers on what to eat, how to eat and what they need to take in moderation so that they don't suffer shortness of breath and other heart problems later on as they get older.

You need to know that shortness of breath and heart problems in aged people are described as any abnormal functioning of the heart or anything that disrupt the operations of the heart thereby leading to death or pains in the heart of an individual. 

Heart related problems includes cardiac arrest, hypertension, high blood pressure, stroke, heart attack and many more. In one way or the other, all these ailments leads to death. 

But these heart related ailments such as high blood pressure, heart attack, hypertension, hole in the heart, cardiac arrest etc are sometimes caused by various food items we eat and can be reduced if you and i can reduce some of these foods which are described as you read on.

What Foods Causes Heart Attack and Shortness of Breath for Old Men and Women?  Heart problems such as heart attack
is one of the major causes of death in people of all ages and anywhere in the world but doing away or reducing these foods will keep you and i healthy.

heart attack

Heart related diseases are life threatening and they cause health issues like hypertensi
on, cardiac arrest and death and food items that can cause heart problems must be avoided. Some which includes;

1. Too Much of Salt: Salt is one major cause of shortness of breath, heart diseases or heart problems
 in old people because it contains an element called sodium which when consumed in excess in foods, affect the heart functions but eating less of salt or adding less salt to food can prevent heart diseases.

2. Too Much of Sugar: Eating too much or sugar or the presence of too much of sugar in the body can affect the insulin and when the insulin in the body is affected, the breakdown of sugar will be slow and that pose a great risk to the body of the individual involved. 

Excess sugar cause diabetes and diabetes may lead to various heart diseases such as hypertension, high blood pressure, diabetes, stroke etc. You only to caution your intake of sugar and reduce it to the lowest or better still, consume in moderation.

3. Too Much of Fatty Foods: These are foods that contains fats such as animal fat and are high in high cholesterol. All fried foods especially those cooked or fried with animal fats in them are categorized in these groups but it gives energy

To avoid having shortness of breath, heart disease or heart problems such as hypertension or other, eat less of fatty foods.
4. Junks: Junks food are tempting, fast, delicious, sweet but its deadly because it contains so many classes of food where many of them are not even relevant to the body instead, they kill the body gradually especially for people around age 40 and above

Examples includes meat pie, doughnuts, egg roll, fat, salt, oil, meat etc. Foods like meat pie, sausage roll, egg roll, snacks etc are junks and should be avoided for the sake of the heart and good health.

5. Too Much of Red Meat: I have read a lot about excessive consumption of Red meat and i came to a conclusion that is n
ot healthy due to the high cholesterol it contains. 

Eating too much red meat has high cholesterol in it and its one of the cause of many heart diseases or heart related problems old people are experience these days.

6. Excessive Beer /Energy Drinks: Consuming excessively high amount of
beer and energy drink daily is too risky and dangerous for the health because it contains a substance called caffeine, sugar, glucose, salt etc. 

Beer contains alcohol which is a drug and drinking too much of it affects the normal functioning of the heart in one way or the other..


Excessive intake of beer, too much consumption of red meat, junks, too much salt, toot much of sugar etc. These are kind  of foods can Causes Shortness of breath, Heart Diseases/Problems any day anytime especially when consumed excessively. But we can live healthy by eating fruits, vegetables, drinking more water, fibers etc and not junks or fats. Thanks for reading. 

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  1. I think what majority of the eat determines their hearth health. Consumption of high cholesterol foods, lack of exercises and too much of salt have been tested to cause heart problems in people. Thanks