May 21, 2019

Christina Milian - My Beauty Tip and Daily Routine

I decided to write on the various routine and beauty tips of Christiana Milian due to the fact that i receive questions on what the celebrities do to keep fit and make them beautiful. If you and i can learn few things from this and also look beautiful, fresh and presentable.

The popular musician Christina Milian told the media on what she does, her beauty tips, on Eating Fish and How she Unwind Through an Interview by Leah Rodriguez

I listen to Christina Milian a lot, i enjoyed her music just like any other person but i was glad to read her interview she granted lately on various views, ideas especially on her new music video where she where some liquid where poured on her and also her beauty tips.

Christina Milian first interview questions was "How do you start Your mornings? she said she had egg-white omelet with few spinach and peas, or tomatoes, or salsa. She also continued by saying that she will mix up all these food items so as to avoid too much sugar. She also claim that she likes eating cheese especially the classic American Cheese which is still her favorite. I am a cheese lover, she said

She also gave a good explanation on when ask about "wellness"  Wellness means taking care of oneself real good. One of the factor that also brings wellness is Happiness. Happiness brings good health, makes someone more better in health and fitness.

When she was asked about her kind of exercise, she replied by saying that she likes outdoor exercise, workout for few minutes like 20 to 30mins of speed walking or running. She will always have her TV on but while on the exercise like Running and speed walking while she listens to Drake, Rihanna or Beyonce.

Christina Milian beauty tips and routine
She also stated that she like eating pork, carbs and she eat balance important e diet mainly but the important thing is that you need to get information on health care and how to stay fit.

My beauty has changed over time she said and its more better now than ever but never stop to find new ways to make my hair and nails more better and grower but once in a while i use coconut oil treatments for my hair. 

She also said that one of her her biggest wellness challenge is to maintain the level of eating organic or not for balance..

Then she was asked another question that how do you unwind? I feel like I never unwind. Usually I’m on my phone right until I go to bed and will check some emails. I’d love to say it’s wine, but wine is not always the best thing to sleep on but at times i prefer hot bath.

Next Question was about Social Networks and she replied that she always go on Instagram or Facebook followed by hot shower and later she fall asleep. On soap, i like Lavender but don't really have a particular one

I drink lot of water and i make sure i have water around me that is i have it in my car, on my bed just all around me because its very healthy and helps to trim down.

She concluded the interview with an advice quoted as "I can’t ever see myself being vegetarian,” but then I realized, “Okay, well, it’s a challenge that I could probably take and is worth it.” After you challenge yourself once, it becomes a lot easier to challenge yourself to not do other things.

I believe you must have learn few things with this interview. She is beautiful and she shared all her beauty tricks, daily routine and all others. Thanks for reading.

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