May 29, 2019

Can Bleaching Creams cause Skin Problems After age 50

I was actually talking with a woman who is more mature in age and I think she's around 52 but she look older than her age with very terrible skin discoloration like red, brown, black and wrinkled skin. 

She actually came for skin therapy and skin surgery but the dermatologist was able to trace the root of the skin problem to early usage of toxic bleaching creams.

If you are young and fresh now, you need to visit your doctor or dermatologist for recommendations on the best toning cream with little or no repercussions after you get older like after after 50yrs. This will prevent or secure your skin for the future or any future occurrence of skin cancer or other skin problems.

Does Bleaching Creams Cause Skin Diseases after age 50 or above?
The simple answer to this question is a capital "YES" especially when we expose the skin to harsh bleaching creams that contain hydroquinone or hydroquinol.

I also got this question from a reader who wants to know if bleaching cream cause skin problems like skin cancer or other skin related problems as one grow older.

I guess this reader wants to know if if it is safe to use bleaching cream so that she can get tone, lightened up an look beautiful without side effect after 50yrs.

Can Bleaching Creams Cause Skin Diseases? Yes many bleaching creams cause skin problems especially the bleaching creams that contains hydroquinones or hydroquinol. Hydroquinol or hydroquinones are the agents that bleaches the skin and makes a black woman suddenly becomes white.

But these hydroquinols when it comes in contact with sun rays, it reacts with it and causes changing of the skin and could also lead to skin cancer over a long period of time.

bleaching cream causes skin diseases

That is why you see a very rough and unhealthy skin of people who bleach their skin as bad when they get older commonly among people who are around 50yrs and above either as a man or woman. 

At other age let say after 50yrs, the skin becomes weak and could not hold the activities of these agents again still these old people still uses these bleaching creams and with time, the skin start giving some funny and irregular colors with skin problems.

I would suggest you skin care or creams that will make your skin healthy and not those bleaching creams that will cause problems to the skin at the end.

In conclusion, after a careful look at the various points discussed, bleaching cream can actually cause skin problems or diseases such as skin cancer, wrinkles, sagging, redness and many more as you grow older at age 50 or above.

If at all you want a good skin toning cream, just try as much as possible to look at the contents to ensure you are not buying a cream with hydroquinols or hydroquinones so that you don't suffer diseases after age 50 or above. Thanks for reading.

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