May 28, 2019

9 Reasons to Stop Eating Too Much Bread As We Grow Older after age 40

I watched carefully the feeding habit of an uncle of mine who is over 40yrs and i was able to complain about his feeding habit as being a terrible one because of my knowledge about food and health. 

This man eat bread like seriously to the extent that he eat bread in the morning, afternoon, night and as many times per day. Until he fell sick and was down with stroke he then realized that the bread consumption was too much as he clock 45yrs.

Reasons to Reduce Bread at Old Age
What are the Dangers of Eating Bread Frequently as You Grow Older around age 40 or above? I will like us to have few information about bread consumption as we grow older and why we need to stop it. Bread is good, Bread is healthy and it contains high percentage of carbohydrate which gives energy to both old and young but as you grow older like age 40,50 and above, you just need to limit the way you eat this food.

I noticed that even the older people especially people after 40yrs love to eat more of bread than any other food, maybe because bread is one of the fastest food without cooking anything but for people of that age, bread is bad and not supposed to be consumed daily.

Some of the reasons you need to reduce or stop eating bread as you grow older after age of 40 or above includes;

1. Excess Sugar: As you grow older to a mature age like age 40, 50 or 60, you need to reduce the rate at which you eat bread simply because it contains sugar. By the time the age people accumulate too much sugar on their body system, they are exposing their body system to having excess sugar which may cause breakdown of insulin and this result to diabetes. There are other sugar related diseases that can occur due to the presence excess sugar in bread.

2. Excess Salt: I felt i need to educate people on the need to reduce or stop the excess consumption of bread as they grow older after 40yrs because it contains salt. 

Bread do not only contain sugar but it also contains salt. Salt is used to mix the bread before baking it and for our old parents who loves to eat bread always, you may be exposing your body to salt related diseases like hypertension.All these diseases occur because salt contains sodium which cause all these diseases.

3. Contains Fat: Too much eating of bread results to accumulation of fat in the body. Bread contains fat which is gotten from the margarine that was used to mix it before baking. Just like cake, bread contains butter(fat) and fat is not good for old people because it can cause high cholesterol and weight gain in adult especially around age 40 and above.

4. It Causes Weight Gain; One of the reasons i recommend the older people probably between age 40 and 60 to stop their consumption of bread excessively is that excessive eating of bread can cause weight gain in adult because it contains fat and sugar. This means that you won't loss weight if you continue to eat bread in high amount and daily but you will shed some weight if you do the required things and still eat bread in small quantity but not frequently.

5. It Contains Gluten: Just like i described early that some bakers use bromide, some bakers also uses Gluten to bake their bread just to improve the quality. Gluten is bad to the health especially for the older people because it may result to bloating, indigestion, constipation and other cardio vascular diseases, this is the more reason why our old parents especially after 40years should reduce their intake of bread.

6. It Contains Bromide: Some years ago, the Government in my country place a ban or bakers who uses bromine to bake their bread just to make it rise and stay longer before getting spoil. 

Excessive consumption of bromide from bread e.g Agege Bread (not sliced bread) which i believe some bakers still use, cause cancer and other cardio diseases. This should also be a reason to stop eating bread frequently like daily after 40yrs.

7. Contains High Cholesterol: Another reason i prefer people who are of advance age, i mean people are old to stop eating bread is the cholesterol contents. Bread is high is cholesterol because it it prepared from animal fat.

I will also like you to know that excess cholesterol can lead to diseases like obesity, high blood pressure, hypertension, stroke and many more.

8. It Is Low Nutrients: It is not really advisable for matured or older people after 40 or 50 to be eating too much bread because it is mainly carbohydrate. Bread is low in nutrients, it contains little or no vitamins, it contains low minerals then why should our old men and women prefer to eat this food daily which is unhealthy.

9. It Causes Slow Digestion: Bread stays longer before it get digested in people around age 40 upwards. Unlike the young people who moves around and make the digestion of bread faster but this time around, digestion is slower and when digestion is slow, it is unhealthy to the aged people and can cause weight gain related diseases like the cardio diseases.

In Conclusion, these are the basic reasons you need to stop or reduce the rate at which you eat bread if you are old and if you are around age 40 and above. Eating bread daily at old age is unhealthy, it may cause weight gain, high cholesterol, diabetes, hypertension due to salt and many more which i believe you must have learn reading this tips. Thanks for reading.

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  1. Some aged people love bread as if their life depends on it. Telling them to eat less bread is just a way of looking for trouble. But health is wealth