May 27, 2019

8 Health Benefit of Eating Snail and Drinking it Water

After a careful look and examination of what snail can do that is eating snail and drinking it water, I felt I also need to let my readers get a free health tips on the various benefits of this animal.

Can eating eating snail or drinking it water make someone healthy?    The fact is that snail is good for the body, it doesn't contain cholesterol just like any other meat and drinking snail water is one of the healthiest water from animal I could ever imagine. 

The water from snail especially the big ones isn't poisonous, can never contaminate your body system only if the snail is infected with tapeworm or liver fluke and it helps in reducing high blood pressure within the shortest period. 

Some people and other health expert believe eating snail or drinking water from snail works even better than high blood pressure tablets and its been seen to be very effective for stroke or prevention of stroke.

Let me tell you this story and i want you to learn from it. Sometimes ago, an uncle of mine had stroke and immediately the incident occur, the man was taken for herbal center for traditional treatment of the stroke. 

But i observed that the major treatment that was administered during the treatment of the stroke was snail and it water which is the reason am writing on this topic titled the health benefit of snail and it water to the body.

Snail is a wonderful and healthy animal with high amount of protein, carbohydrate and little fat. Snail can be cooked as food, eaten as meat and be roasted like other meat but it is very nutritive and also it is very medicinal. 

The latest report i got from snail water and Snail is that it is rated among the few animals with so much medicinal values and less fat.For the older people, i think they should make snail their best food instead food like bread because it helps the body in many ways like;

1. It contains huge Proteins: While i was with my uncle at that herbal centre for stroke treatment, i noticed that snail water was given to him to drink in the morning and evening while the meat was cooked as meat. So i asked that person what was the role of the snail as food, he responded and said it contains high amount of proteins which is used to build the body and repairs the dead cells in the body.

2. It is Low Calories: Another benefit of drinking snail water and eating the snail as meal or support is that it contains low calories. It contains no carbohydrate, snail is fat and sugar free and you know low calorie food helps to maintain weight for healthy living.

benefit of eating snail to the body
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3. Rich in Vitamins and Minerals: Eating snail and drinking it water is good for the body for youth, older people, couples and matured people over 40yrs, no matter if you are old or young. Snail contains a large amount of Vitamins and minerals such as Iron which helps to produce blood, Potassium, and helps to provide zinc to the body.

4. It helps Prevent Stroke: Do you know that Snail water or the snail meat does not only prevent stroke but was used to treat stroke. Eating snail and drinking it water is healthy because it contains active substance that relaxes the brain and it contains chemicals that repairs the broken cells which occur due to stroke. 

Stroke is caused when the blood pressure is high thereby resulting to a partial obstruction in the brain activities, this result to partial collapse of some part of the body and i believe eating snail and drinking snail water occasionally is very good to drop the blood pressure.

5. It contains Low Fat: Unlike other meat that contains fatty components, Either the snail or the water that comes out of snail body do not contain fat. If you are the kind of person who do not like to get fat, then avoid fatty meats and eat more snail which is more beneficial to the health than any other thing.

6. It Prevent Cardio Diseases: One of the most important health benefit the body get when it eat snail or when it drink the water from snail is that it reduces blood pressure and also very effective in reducing heart related diseases such as hypertension, cardiac arrest, stroke, high blood pressure and many more. 

I have witness all situation where snail was used to treat high blood pressure, this means the more you eat snail, your heart function properly and blood pressure is regulated.

7. It Prevent Diabetes: Snail and the water is healthy and does not contain sugar instead it helps to break down sugar contents in the body. Diabetic patients are advised to eat snail based on the fact that it does not contain sugar as well as the snail water also does not. 

8. It reduce high blood pressure: One of the health benefits of snail and people who drink the water for medicinal purposes is that it contains active substance that reduces high blood pressure, it helps to prevent stroke and snail water can heal dead cells on the organs especially on paralysed body.

In Conclusion

Snail or Snail water is good to the body for men, women, young or old. It keeps the body free of sugar, it reduce high blood pressure, it contains no fat, it is low in cholesterol contents and it also prevent stroke. Although, you also need to be careful because some snail carries parasite like hookworm in them and that is the more reason why you need to cook it very well before eating it and if you are to drink it excreted water, you only need to find the healthy ones and you become great. Thanks for reading


  1. I read everything you posted and I see that snail water is good. But another thing I learnt is that for other people who cannot drink snail water, I think eating snail is perfect for such people. Snail when cooked properly is good to control high blood pressure, hypertension and stroke recovery just as you've said. Thanks

  2. Thanks for the comments on the health benefits of eating snail. We will love to see more of your comment on this site even on other topics