May 31, 2019

5 Reasons For Not Losing Weight at the Gym After a Month of Exercises

Just as we said earlier in some of our previous post that weight loss can be achieved fast through exercises which we've seen so many proofs about that. But some people do complain that they are not losing weight even after going to the gym for exercises and that is why i decided to write on the reasons why you might not lose weight going to the gym and i believe everyone of us we learn from this as we read further.

Just like a friend of mine who complained about her gym after going to the gym for a month of running and other exercises. This lady complained of not shedding weight, she also complained she paid for the gym and she's not getting the result on weight loss and she also told me that the gym instructor did his best but she was not getting slim and she decided to seek help.

So, if you are in the category of people who goes to the gym and after a month of running, you aren't getting any result, then this post is for you and the reasons why you are not burning those fat are discussed below.

not losing weight at gym
Reasons why I am Not Losing Weight at the Gym after a month of exercise

The main priority of going to the gym is for various exercises which helps you to stay fit and lose some weight but when it happens that you are not losing weight as expected even after a month at the gym, then you get frustrated. I was not losing weight at the gym after 4 weeks of exercises, despite my commitment and i believe it can also happen to you too.

Below are my findings on things that that can make someone not lose weight after spending so much time, money and energy going to the gym and not getting results after few weeks. I was not losing weight at the gym due to the following reasons;

1. Involved in Wrong plan: If you've being going to the gym regularly for exercises, you will notice that there are some words or i mean terms that are used at the gym some which includes plan. At the gym, different types are exercise are present but you register a particular plan also known as exercise on a specific function. 

Some people plan is to build the biceps, some flat tummy, some six packs, some build the arms and many more but the one am concern here is the plan that concerns weight loss. One of the things that makes people not lose weight at the gym` after a month of exercises is the fact that they choose wrong plan. 

You could imagine what will make someone who wants to lose weight register for weigh lifting plan, i believe this is a wrong idea. So, you need to avoid registering for wrong plan and let the gym manager understand you intention which is to lose weight either around the tummy, whole body, upper region and many more.

2. Doing Wrong exercise: This is in addition to what i just explained above on wrong plan or exercises, when you choose to be engaged in the wrong exercise, you might get wrong result like not losing weight but building enhancing in some part of the body. 

To get rid of this, you need to know what you want, the best exercise for that specific result you want should be done. But if its general fit or general weight reduction in the body, then you can do exercises like walking, running, jogging, and skipping along with cycling.

3. In Wrong diet: Another thing that matters here now while you do exercise at the gym is the choice of diet. Your choice of diet also determines if you are going to get a fast or slow results. You can't be exercising your body or be engaged in cardio exercises and still be eating junks, snacks, fatty foods and many more. 

You only need a balance that or light food if you are working at the gym. Which means you may not lose weight at the gym even after going to the gym for one month,  if you continue with your poor diet, because it wont work. But you can help by eating more fruits, vegetables, fiber foods and less fatty foods.

4. Bad/Wrong time: I think this should also be considered because you might not lose weight at the gym if the time you choose to go to the gym isn't the right time for your plan. You could choose to go to the gym before office in the morning, morning of weekends like Saturdays or Sunday or during holidays. 

I notice it might not work well if you go to the gym when you are tired or if you just got back from work. You might not get the result you need from such time. And after a month of exercises, you will just be going to the gym and not lose any weight because of time

5. Less Challenging Exercises: Going to the gym and not doing cardio exercises is just like a waste of time and energy because you might not lose weight fast even if you go the for a month. 

One of the major factor that may seems to be an hindrance for you not to lose weight or get the result you required after going to the gym for a month is the fact that you are too lazy and you choose a less challenging exercise. 

If you feel like running is too challenging for you and prefers to walk instead and the walking is not even covering good distance, then you might not lose weight. You need good challenging exercise to look weight and some cardio exercises too. Cardio exercises are exercises that will make you slim down very fast because they increase breath and circulate blood from the heart to the body.

In conclusion

These point listed above are possible things that may hinder you for not losing weight at the gym within a month or for a month of exercises even if its the best gym center in the world. So, you need to shun laziness, do some cardio, perfect your timing. pick a more challenging plan and eat the right diet, all these can get you the best result to lose weight at the gym. Thanks for reading. Thanks for reading.


  1. i really dont like going to the gym when i can easily do some exercises at home and lose weight. Many who go to the gym may not even lose any weight if they are invloved in wrong exercises for weight loss. That is the truth

  2. thanks for the info