May 22, 2019

5 Health Benefits of Early Morning Jogging to the Body

What are the health benefits of early morning jogging, In our previous post, we talked about the various health benefits of early morning run to the body either you a man or woman, young or old. When I see people engaged in workout in the morning, I got confused that "must it be in the morning" 

But as you read on with this post, you will learn and know the various advantages of jogging in the morning.

Exercises or Exercising the body is one of the best way to build the body, is also referred to as the best way to keep the body healthy and free of diseases especially if you do the exercise in the morning either daily or few times per week.

Exercise like jogging keeps the body in shape, helps to lose weight and have been described as the best fitness you can get from anywhere in the world.

Jogging for weight loss

Someone asked me a question and said "what are the importance, health benefit or advantages of early morning jogging to the body? ' And i am using this post as a feed back to answer the questions by explaining the benefit so that my readers can also learn from it. So, as you read on, we will be explaining few benefit of early morning jog or jogging, Some of the health benefit of Jogging in the morning includes;

1. More Active Body System: When you make it as an habit to jog early in the morning, you will start experiencing very good body metabolism, warmness and active body Active state for the body that can be achieved through early morning exercise like jogging and among the benefit your body get are fast mental alertness, fast hormones alertness like adrenaline, Vitamin boost e.g Vitamin D, good reflex and many more. Early morning jog helps keeps the body healthy through all these means and it ensure your body possess a good health.

2.  You Get Weight LossAnother advantages or health benefits you get when you jog early in the morning is weight loss. Early morning jog or jogging is very active for burning of excess fat in the stomach because you don't have any food in your tummy at that time.

Early morning jog increases the body rate or metabolism, it aid digestion and it helps to burn fat excessively. You will lose weight drastically if you start to jog early in the morning either on weekends or daily. If you ask people who had their weight reduced through exercise then many of them will tell you that the best way to get result in terms of weight loss is to do some jogging in the morning.

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3. You get Disciplined: Jogging in the early hours or before starting your day will help you in terms of discipline because by the time you jog through few meters or kilometers, the body achieve good fitness, good health, weight loss, high rate of metabolism while you still keep up with your normal daily routine of work, business and other things

If you continue to do jogging in the early morning and you make it a plan then, its a good way of discipline which you have choosing. It will not only make you lose weight but will make you fit, have stamina and your body will posses the best body balance in the sense that you won't get tired easily or you won't fall so easily.

4.  Sound Sleep: If you are among people who don't sleep easily or people who usually have a bad sleeping style, then the best solution to this is to be engaged in early morning jog. You only need to wake up early morning probably daily, few times per week or during weekend and jog some distance around your area or right there at home, your body will experience some changes when you get back to sleep. 

I notice i fall asleep easily anytime i jog in the early morning. Jogging helps to relax the body muscles, it relax the nerve cells and not only that it helps to correct the general body health. You don't need to start buying sleeping pills to sleep, you only need to make yourself fit by jogging.

5. Digestion:  One of the health benefit or advantages you get when you jog in the morning is high rate of digestion. Someone said to me that he usually have constipation and i said when you don't exercise the body regularly, you will continue to experience constipation on a regular basis. 

The only thing you need to do to fasten your body digestion rate is to jog in the early morning. High rate of digestion removes excess fat in the body, it helps to remove toxins and excess salt in the body which will make you healthy and free of diseases.

In Conclusion, the advantages or health benefits that come along with jogging as described above are things you also need to derive from. Jogging is one of the best exercise for men, women, teens, children etc and when you do it in the early morning, you get weight reduced, your body metabolism increases, it makes you more discipline to your health and it makes you have a good sleeping habit. Thanks for reading.


  1. A good piece of ideas, i noticed that jogging in the morning is cool and works very well for weight loss especially if you are very consistence

  2. jogging works for me and i feel it can also work for you as well. Thanks for your ideas