May 29, 2019

10 Ways to Help a Snoring Partner in Marriage Without Fighting Each Other

How can I help my snoring husband or wife without fighting each other? I noticed that issues relating to snoring can be very sensitive and partners need to handle such situation with care so that there won't be fight or argument.

One funny thing about snoring spouses is that the person who snores tend to argue or raise voice if you later told him or her that he snores that you couldn't sleep due to the snoring. But there are ways to help a snoring partner or snoring spouse without arguing, without fighting or without medications since some treatments can be very expensive.

As you read on with this post, we will be discussing various ways you can help a snoring partner or if your spouse snores without fighting each other.

Let take a look at this brief example, just recently, a friend of mine told me that after few years in marriage, his wife snores heavily and he get disturbed by the sound which disturbs his sleep and most times, they argue and fight seriously on this. 

So, i am using this post to explain the various things you can do to help a snoring partner without fighting your partner instead of developing a kind of hatred for such person. A snoring spouse or snoring partner are unconscious of this act when they sleep and that is you should handle it with care.

What Causes Snoring? The fact still remains that Snoring occurs when there is a partial obstruction in the flow of air along the respiratory tract which is as a result of relaxation of the muscles in the jaw and throat. Snoring can also be as a result of blockage along the urinary tracts leading to unpleasant sound during sleep. 

If you notice your partner snores or he or she just started to snore then do the following and you will see the change.

1. Show Some Love: One of the ways you can help a snoring partner in marriage without fighting each other or arguing is to love the person and you show it. One of the best way to help anybody with any kind of disease is to love each even if he snores like a goat.

By the time you love such person, you can then find solution to this health issues and make him understand he or she snores but you love it even if you don't like it. For married couples, anything can happen because it might be you and if its you such thing happen to, the same person will love you for it. It might be as a result of weight gain, stress or cold.

Pics on how to help a snoring partner without fight 
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2. Be Tolerant: Another thing you can do for a snoring spouse without fighting him or her is to tolerate this snoring habit. Many times, snoring is causes by stress, hard-work, nasal congestion, blockage of the airways, cold, flu etc and if you can't tolerate this, remember it can be you. 

Many people who snores really do not know they snore and if you tell them, they deny it and you as a person don't even know you snore yourself. If you see such health issue, tolerate and find solution on how to get rid of it. Remember tolerance is needed in abundant in marriage and you should also know that snoring could be temporary.

3. Change in Sleeping Positions: Another way you can help a snoring spouse without a fight among you is to stylishly change the sleeping position of your partner or you advice such person to change his or her sleeping positions. 

You can help such person by changing the sleeping position to sideways or by raising the jaw of such individual just to redirect the direction of her flow. This will reduce or stop the snoring even without medication, without fighting or arguments.

4. Ensure Your Partner Visit the Doctor: It is important you ensure your spouse see the doctor if the snoring habit is too consistent for health advice. One of the most important thing you can do to a snoring partner is to seek medical advice. Snoring is a health issue and research shows that millions of people snores all over the world and the best medical advice can only be gotten from a doctor. 

The doctor knows the best drugs, pill, herbs, equipment, advice that can work for snoring patient rather than applying self medication which is very dangerous or too risky to the health.

5. Anti-Snore Pillow/Snoring Devices: Snoring devices such as pillows, nose cover etc are available on various stores. If your husband or wife snores, you can get an anti-snore pillow for such person or other snoring devices. This will help redirect airflow into the normal channel and the snoring get reduced. Maturely, this requires no form of arguments or fight to correct.

6. Buy Nasal Spray: Nasal spray has been tested and people do testify to its operation that it helps to reduce snoring. You can get the best nasal spray for snoring online or in any medical stores around your locality or area. 

It can also be inform of a gift to your spouse or partner and I'm sure it work reduce the snoring habit without a fight.

7. Try Reduce Stress: One of the things that that causes snoring for partners in marriage is stress, people who doesn't snores before marriage may later start snoring in marriage due to stress. Stress can be in any form and most stress are gotten from work, offices, late night browsing, late night work and many more. 

You can help your snoring husband or wife without arguing or fighting on anything by telling such person to reduce stress which i believe works very well. Stress is very bad to the health of couples and you can actually assist such person in doing some work just to reduce stress. Doing this will reduce snoring and you will be happy you did.

8. Create Awareness: Like i said earlier that those who snores actually do not know they snore even if you tell them they snore. So what you can do to help your partner since you guys are married together is to tell such person she or he snores. By telling the person, he or she will adjust and find a remedy to snoring issues and it settles everything amicably.

9.  Start Weight Loss Exercise: In some people or couples, weight gain can lead to snoring and the best way to handle such without drugs or starting a fight with your spouse is to find ways ad things that can make such person to reduce fat in the body. 

This includes dieting and exercises like walking, running, jogging, skipping, swimming, cycling, yoga, hurdles and many more. As you are reducing fat, the partner snoring rate also reduces which is healthy.

10. Search Google: Make Google your friend if you or your partners snores and tell your partner that snores to make use of Google to search any remedy to snoring, medications, exercise, pills and position that can help reduce or cure snoring. You not only get search result through Google but you get video that describes the steps to cure snoring or to prevent it. With this, you are educating your partner on how to use the search engine to fins cure for health issues.

These are things you can do to help your snoring spouse during marriage without fighting each other. It only takes understanding between both couples to tolerate any kind of diseases since its death do us part agreements. But this ideas also works for girlfriends and boyfriends but when it comes to marriage, anything can happen which snoring is one of them. Thanks for reading.

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