May 17, 2019

10 Quick Ways to Improve Your Health Without Drugs and Money

In what ways can i improve my health without spending money and using of drugs? There is a saying that health is wealth which means the more you take care of your health, the more healthier you are and the more you are not likely to get infected with diseases. Diseases is one of the major cause of death all over the world but when you take care of your health, then contacting diseases will be a thing of the past for you.

 Although some people believed that it cost so much to take care of one's health because it requires money and drugs but not really. Simple things and practices can actually help you boost your health without spending money or using expensive drugs.

There are many ways you can improve your health without going to the doctor, spending money on expensive items and without drugs prescription. just as i love my health, i wouldn't wait to fall sick, get malnourished or contact a disease before knowing how to take care of my health. Mind you, getting and improved health also boost your immune system.

I also need you to know that the consequence of not improving your health or not taking care of the health at the right time through diets, exercises, drugs may be severe but when you find natural ways to do that, you get the best out of it without spending much money on it.

There are many quick ways to improve the health without using drugs and spending much money and as you read on with this post, you will learn the cheap ways to do so even without drugs. This includes;

1. Just Be Happy: One of the ways to improve your health without drugs and money is to find ways to be happy. Happy people are healthy people and when you are happy, some nerve cells function properly and you are ensured of a good health. You can also give a hug, make people feel loved through you and i bet you that you will gain happiness in return. Happiness is a feeling of joy and report claim happy people are healthy people and they live longer than those who are sad.

2. Get Some Smile: Just like i have said earlier, another good way to have a good health without spending money is to smile, smile and make people laugh. This may not be so easy because many people usually have one or two reasons of the other to frown, some their bad business, unstable relationship and many more may be sadness but when you smile, you are healthy. You can listen to comedy, funny video at leisure, hang out with friends and other people that makes you happy. It works and it cost you nothing.
4. Eat Less of Junks: People fail to realize that eating junks isn't a healthy practice for the body. Fried foods, excessive fried rice, snacks like doughnuts, egg roll, fish pie, meat pie, chin-chin are fatty foods and are referred to as junks. The fact still remains that these foods are fried with animal fat and too much of these can cause high cholesterol which may lead to more severe health cases like hypertension, obesity, difficulty in breathing etc but when you eat less of these, you are indirectly improving your health.
how to improve the health
5. Eat Fruits: Another way to improve your health without drugs or spending money is to ensure you eat more fruits. Fruits contains various vitamins that helps the body in on way or the other. For example, carrot contains vitamin-A that ensure good sight while Orange contains Vitamin C that prevent scurvy.Not only, fruits also helps in reducing risk to cancer, diabetes, stress and many more.

6. Take more Vegetables: Just like i advice you to improve your health through vitamins, it is very okay for you to also eat vegetables too. Vegetables contains vitamins and minerals that helps the body. Vegetable ensures easy digestion and helps to increase the body metabolism which prevents weight loss.

7. Do Exercises : Another way you can improve your health freely without drugs and not spending any money involves exercising the body. When you exercise the body, it will help you build the muscle, give you some stamina and ensure excess calories are burnt through the body. You can decide to walk, jog, skip, run, or other cardio exercise weekly or once in a while. Recommended exercises are plank exercises, jogging, running, skipping, cycling and many more.

8. More Hours of Sleep: What the doctor recommends about having good health is to have more time to sleep. Sleeping and good rest for few hours at night will help you relax your body cells, brain cells and the entire body. Don't be like the jack of all trade that works all round without rest, so try as much as possible to sleep well, avoid too much night movies or excessive browsing.

9. Avoid Smoking and Alcohol:  One of the good ways to improve your health without drugs and money is to avoid smoking cigarettes and alcohol. Smoking can result to cancer of the lungs in the later time of an individual while too much alcohol may lead to kidney or liver problems. Even the governments warns that smokers are liable to die young which i believe is the fact.

10. Eat Less Salts and Sugar: For people above 40yrs, its will really make a lot of sense if you reduce your sugar intake and excess salt intake. Because excess sugar and salt are major contributors for diseases like hypertension, stroke, diabetes, being overweight, difficulty in breathing and many more.

11. See your doctor: Visit your doctor regularly just to run a check on your health. Doing this will help you monitor your body systems for sugar, salt, oil, proteins, heart beat, blood pressure and many more

In Conclusion
So, these are ways you can improve your health without drugs, going to the hospital or without the doctors. All you need is to eat less of salt and sugar, avoid smoking, sleep more, avoid junks, eat more veggies and fruits, drink more water, make people laugh and be happy. 

Do all these things explain above you will notice a change and you are investing into your health for the future. Thanks for reading.

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  1. The only thing that matters most is our health. People do not need to have millions to take care of their body. Just as you said, simple vegetables and exercise can help you improve your health system. And another thing I love is your comment on sugar and salt.