May 18, 2019

10 Nigerian Foods That Are High in Fiber Contents and Water

What are the list of some Nigerian foods high in fiber and water content? Based on popular demand, we have decided to give out a list some Nigerian foods that are rich and high in fiber and Water contents.

Before we continue, we will like to briefly talk on the meaning of fiber foods, their functions and now the benefits of these foods.

For the sick of non Nigerian's living in Nigeria, you need to know the various advantages of these foods and the common names as well.

What are high fiber and water foods? These are foods which contains high amount of fiber and water in it but are very healthy. Fiber foods helps people to lose weight, increase digestion rate, increase metabolism and still add nutrients to the body. Example of Nigerian foods that are high in fiber includes;

1. Garden egg; Although garden egg can be found all over the world but very much in abundant in Nigeria. Garden egg have so much health benefit to the body because it contains a high amount of fiber and lot of water. 

Garden egg is good because it contains no sugar, no cholesterol, and can even cure or prevent diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure, hypertension, stroke and many more. Garden egg can be eaten raw or added to other vegetables 

2. CucumberI decided to include cucumber in a list of the best Nigerian foods that are high in fiber and water although not only available in Nigeria but all over the world because of it health benefit such as easy digestion, weight loss, good sight and it prevent diseases as well. 

A confirm facts states that Cucumber contains a large amount of water and fiber and no sugar. It can also be eaten raw or added to salads and other vegetables.

Fiber foods

3. Carrot; Carrot is one of the best Nigerian foods that is not only high in fiber but high in Vitamins as well. Carrot can be added to wide range of food like fried rice, salads, or can be eaten raw. 

Carrot ensures easy emptiness of bowel, it prevents or cures constipation, it prevents excess fat and it aids digestion. This fiber food also contains Vitamin A which is good for bright eyes and clear vision.

4. Wheat; Wheat is also one of the best Nigerian high in fiber and still maintain its high protein contents. A close friend of mine was diagnosed of high blood pressure and the doctor said he could eat more wheat. 

Wheat can be prepared in a liquid form, semi liquid like pap and it can be turned into solid form to be added with other foods like vegetables. Wheat can also be consumed by people with diabetes, high cholesterol and hypertension. It helps build cells in the body because it contains amino acids. To stay healthy by eating healthy, you need to eat wheat instead of other high calories foods.

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5. African Salads; African salads commonly called "abacha" among the Igbo tribes and has been described as one of the lightest and high fiber food in Nigeria. It prevents weight gain, it burn fat and it increases the body digestion rate.

6. Garri; Garri is consumed by every Nigerian either Yoruba, Hausa or Igbo but the health benefit of garri when you drink it is that it gives energy because it contains carbohydrates and it is mainly made up of high amount of fiber. It eases digestion process but can chase malnutrition in children when consumed in excess. It is a very light food and still remains the cheapest Nigerian fiber food.

7. Yam Flour; this is a food common among the Yoruba's. It contains high amount of fiber and starch. It is digest food easily and also help to lose weight. It can be served with vegetable or other soup rich in nutrients e.g. Okra

8. Semolina Food; This is a food loved by many Nigerians either male or female,young or old due to its high fiber contents and taste. Semo is made from corn which makes it very light and nutritious. It gives energy, burn fat and it is very low in calories. It also digest fast and do not let the body overweight.

9. Pawpaw; this is also one of the best and highly recommended Nigerian food high in fiber and high amount of water. Pawpaw or papaya as popularly called is rich in Vitamins and minerals that help the body, it aid digestion and also it helps to maintain body weight as well as losing weight. It also prevents constipation due to the high amount of fiber it contains. It is rich in other vitamins and minerals.

10. Maize; I think the best Nigerian food high in fiber and very healthy is maize. It can be boiled, roasted and processed into other food like pap, oats, corn flakes etc all which are very light and cannot make people grow fat. It can also be eaten with other foods like milk, beans, fish and other proteins.

In Conclusion,
The food items listed and explained above are very high in fiber contents and still remains very healthy. These foods can be eaten raw, cooked or added to other foods and the good thing about this Nigerian fiber foods is that these food don’t make people add more weight but it reduce weight, these foods burn fat and can be used to cure other diseases in the body like obesity, diabetes, high blood sugar, high blood pressure and many more. Thanks for reading

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  1. Thanks for posting this but this is just few out of the numerous foods that are high in fiber in Nigeria. I really appreciate the list writer