May 19, 2019

10 Health Benefits of Unripe Plantain to Both Male and Female

What are the health benefits of unriped plantain to both male and female? Referring to both male and female on this topic means that it apply to everyone including man and woman, young or old, tall or short.

The various health benefits of unripe plantain also apply to pregnant women as well.

Before we continue, let us a look at this, When I was much younger, the knowledge I have about green or plantain, pawpaw, banana, pineapple etc is that it is bad for the health and can cause ailments like food poising, stomach ache or something more terrible but I now realize some fact and the good side of unripe fruits just as we are explaining as you read on with this post.

Unripe plantain do have its own health benefits which I believe is common among food or diets recommended for people with diabetes but not only that, unripe plantain can also help non diabetic patients  or ordinary healthy people like you and I to avoid some diseases.

I am writing about the health benefit of unripe plantain for both male and female which includes;

1. Ensure Healthy Heart: One of the health benefits of unripe plantain which apply to both a man and a woman is the fact that green or unripe plantain help to improve the heart beat and it operation. Many green plantains mainly contain fibers which helps improve the flow of blood from the heart to other organs in the body including the heart. 

Eating unripe plantain either you are a man or woman helps prevent heart related diseases like hypertension, high blood pressure, stroke and hypertension because these unripe plantain contains serotonin which helps to improve the heart and dilate it for better blood flow without putting more pressure on the heart. 

2.  Contain Vitamin B6: Another health benefit of unripe plantain for both male and female is that it helps to supply Vitamin B6 to the body which helps to prevent diseases of the blood such as anemia. Unripe plantain contain high amount of Vitamin B6 in it which act as anti-body that prevent shrinking of red blood cells and weakness of the body.

3. Fast Digestion: The only advantage of some unripe plantain either for young or old people is that when added to meal,they mainly contain fiber which helps to fasten digestion rate an increase the body metabolism. The unripe plantain help people empty their body easily which is one of the best way to stay healthy.

4. Reduce Diabetes: Consumption of unripe plantain do helps to reduce the sugar contents in the body since they do not contain sugar. Unripe plantain contains active ingredients that reduce sugar related problems like diabetes which occurs when the insulin is being interfered with and reduce the effectiveness. 

Health benefits of Unripe Plantain

5.  Good Sight; One of the advantages of eating unripe plantain is that it ensure good vision. I noticed that when I add some unripe plantain with other meals, it ensures good sight. 

I now make some researches and notice that many of these green plantain contains high amount of Vitamins like Vitamin A which is responsible for good sight and vision. It contains helps to ensure smooth skin without adding more oil or sugar to the body.

6.  Low Cholesterol
; If you add some green plantain to your meals, it will help you reduce the cholesterol contents of your body. Green plantain contain high amount fiber, water and no sugar in them. They still give energy without sugar, which is one interesting thing about unripe plantain either you're a man or woman.

7. It Boost Adult Experience:  If you notice that many older people love to include some herbs mixed with some unripe plantain, they do so to increase their sexual experience. Many of these green banana or plantain contain active substance that boosts this experience when on bed with their partner. If you need to stay active as man or woman, you can begin to add some unripe plantain to your meal but not totally unripe.

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8. Prevent Ulcer:  Another advantages of unripe plantain is common among male andvfemale is that it contains various photo-chemical substances that prevent ulcer, especially when you cook or add unripe plantain to your meals and I was told by a doctor that unripe pawpaw is also medicinal for preventing ulcer too.

9. Contains Iron; One of the advantages of unripe plantain or I will say the health benefit of eating unripe plantain for males and females is the fact that they usually contain high amount of iron in them e.g. unripe plantain or banana. And any fruits that contains Iron will also boost the blood amount in the body which could help to prevent blood related diseases or shortage of blood in the body that can lead to dizziness or death.

10. Supply Calcium; It is good to know that many unripe plantain do contain calcium which is responsible for strong bone and healthy teeth especially for adults. When you add some to your meals, it improves the calcium contents in the body.

In Conclusion

It not every time you eat sugary foods or sweet food but adding some unripe plantain or banana to your meal can also boost your immune system, helps to increase blood circulation, prevent diseases, ensure weight loss, and will always make you stay fit and healthy either you are a male or female. If you can eat this food directly, you can add them to meals and the popular way to do this is to get the unripe plantain, dry them and grind into powdered form and add to meals. This will also make you derive some health benefit out of them. Thanks for reading.

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  1. unripe plantain is very good for the body, for digestion, contain fibers and and correct sugar.