May 6, 2019

10 Common Causes of Death in Africa and The Solutions.

Causes of Death in Africa and its Solutions.

Am writing this to make you understand that there are many things that causes death to most Africans with low emphases on some of these health issues.

I'm an African and i know many of these things that causes death in Africa and how to avoid them. There are over 100 countries in Africa in which Nigeria is the most populous country. Many countries in Africa are still developing, some are under-developed while some are still trying to get up to the stage of getting developed. 

The health care system in some part of Africa in countries like Nigeria, Egypt. Libya, Tunisia, South Africa etc has increased greatly but many Africans still suffers death due to the following reasons we will be describing as you read on.

1. Child Birth: One of the things that causes death in some countries in Africa is child birth. Many women suffer for this due to lack of good health care facilities which the country is lacking. Some may even have the best health care services but some of these women prefers self medications and some traditional treatments which in return leads to more severe cases like death.

2. Ignorance: Another thing that causes death mostly to Africans is ignorance. I recall sometimes ago when i was in Nigeria and i ask someone to go do a blood test and the person said she does not need a blood test that nothing is wrong with her and later i heard she was dead while battling severe blood disease. Ignorance is a bad thing but in order to avoid this, many of these Africans need orientation and education.

common causes of death in Africa

3. Heart Diseases: I am an African and a Nigerian as well, my mum died as a result of heart disease which she never knew she had. She had a severe case of high blood pressure which is one of the things that causes death but she died treating other ailment instead. I believe many Africans don't seems to know the extent at which heart diseases kill people and that is why am using this medium to enlighten my fellow Africans on what people in Africa

4. Cancer: Not only in Africa, cancer is one of the leading cause of death in many part of the world including Europe, America and some part of Asia. The cause of cancer looks so complex and may lead to death when left untreated for a long time but these cancerous grows and multiply till the affected area is being cut of or result to death.

5. Stroke: Stroke is a disease of the brain which occur when the heart fails to pump blood to some part of the body which results to partial collapse of some part of the body and this result to death when it is severe. I have written some articles about what causes stroke and how to prevents it. just use the search box above this page to search and read this.

6. Diabetes: Diabetes still kill people in some countries in Africa due to kind of lifestyle they live, such lifestyle like drinking too many sugary food, eating excessive carbohydrate, drinking caffeinated drinks and many more.

7. Kidney and Liver diseases: Kidney and liver diseases have killed many people in Africa although public have been sensitized on possible solutions to this. Both liver and kidney are organs that help remove excess toxins and waste from the body system but when this organs stops functioning, then diseases relating to liver and kidney set in. It means many Africans still need to get information on how to take care of their liver and kidney to prevent death due to this.

8. Typhoid: Just like malaria, typhoid still kills people and many which are contacted through dirty water, dirty food, uncleaned environments, infections and many more. This can be reduced by ensuring clean environment, seeing the doctor and using some strong antibiotics which help fight against this diseases.

9. Malaria: Many years ago, malaria is the leading diseases that causes death to many Africans but i think due to government interventions in some countries, death due to malaria is reducing but many countries are still suffering from this. Malaria still kills people especially acute malaria when left untreated. To avoid this, you can get malaria vaccines that helps you against this diseases, get rid of stagnant water around you and use mosquito nets.

These are common causes of death in many countries in Africa and i believe the government of these countries shouldn't relent on giving the best health care or providing the best medicare for it citizens. Another thing we need to consider here is the fact that many people really do not also know how to take care of their health due to illiteracy so, Governments in Africa should educate their citizens on how to access the health care facilities provided by them. Thanks for reading.

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