Apr 28, 2019

Foods You Need to Avoid at Age 40

Are there foods that can pose risk to health at age 40
I believe at the age of 40yrs, one should be careful of what he or she eats at that age to maintain a stable health care and not die prematurely and i believe this has to do with the kind of food we eat which can be corrected.

At 40yrs of age, living a healthy life should be paramount since its a stage of full maturity either as a man or woman. Many foods we eat can be dangerous at that age but when we were much younger, they might be good. But for this age, you need to avoid eating food items  listed below;

1. Salt: One of the food items you need to stop eating either in excess or at high quantity is salt. Salt contains sodium and excess sodium in the body especially in adult may cause an hindrance is the functioning of the heart, veins and blood vessels. Salt is a major causes of diseases such a hypertension, high blood pressure, heart diseases and many more.
Foods You Need to Avoid at Age 40

2. Sugar: Another food item you also need to stop eating in excess is sugar. As you grow older, the body nerves and digestion of sugar also drops as well as the insulin level of the body. You could replace sugar with something else like honey or sugar free sweetener just to reduce the risk of getting diabetes.

3. Oil: At the age of 40, you need to avoid consuming too much oil either through the food you cook at home or fast food. Its better you start cooking and eating healthy food than just buying unhealthy food on the street since you are not getting any younger.

4. Fatty Foods: Even before attaining this age, i think one needs to avoid eating fried foods when you need to eat. You could eat fruits, vegetable, fibers, carbohydrate etc but you must avoid animal fat at that age.

5. Junks/snacks: I believe snacks, sugary drinks, should be giving to children because they are young and can easily get it digested and burnt. But a man or woman at the age of 40, forget taking these foods. It adds more weight to your body and makes you get obese which is not good for the health. At age 40, you need to reduce your coke, Pepsi, fanta meat pie, doughnut, egg roll etc.
6. Alcohol and Smoking Cigarettes: Although the Government is making effect to pass a message to smokers that they are harming their lungs and should be prevented. At forty years, if you are smoker or drink too much alcohol then you need to stop for the benefit of organs to function properly.

7. Meats: Red meat, cow meat, white meat etc are not good for the health of matured people of forty years and above. Red meat are usually high in cholesterol and you know cholesterol can cause more harm than good when it comes to health of adults.

These are things you really need to avoid or stop eating as soon as you celebrate your birthday at age 40yrs. You just need more fruits, vegetables, water, fiver crops and few exercise. This will go along way to keep you fit and healthy. Thanks fr reading.

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