Apr 13, 2019

6 Causes and Treatments of Hair Loss in Women

Many women experience hair loss on their head at one stage or the other, many of them experience these hair loss at the early stage while others get theirs at the later age of their life time.

Some hair loss in women occur naturally, inherited as genetics but majority of hair loss in women occur due to many reasons which some are discussed as you read on with this post on what causes hair loss in women.
cause of hair loss in women
Some of the things that can cause hair loss in women and some which results to baldness includes;

1. Balding Gene: hair loss in women may be caused due to the presence of balding gene which could be inherited from the parents. Genetics laws of hereditary state that its is possible fro characters to be transported from the parents to the offspring. If the parent have a balding gene or aren't hairy, its is possible the lady begins to lose are hair as she grow older or with time.
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      2. Relaxers: Most women use relaxers to keep their hair clean and soft which i believe is healthy but some of these relaxers may be harsh to some women and begins to reduce their hair any time such relaxers is used. So, to prevent this, you may look for a mild hair relaxer that is gentle for the hair and skin. 

      3. Hair Loss due to DietAnother major cause of hair loss in ladies or  women is the lack of healthy minerals or element in diet which may result to hair loss. Elements such as copper, zinc, selenium, iron, iodine etc when its lack in food consumed may cause hair loss. To prevent this, women should eat balanced diet.

      4. Hair Loss Due to Stress: Another common way women loses their hair is stress. Lack of rest and other emotional problems like thinking, sickness, depression, hypertension, high blood pressure etc may also cause hair loss.

      5. Hair Loss Due to Smoking: Smoking is very bad for the health especially for women. It also causes health issues like lungs cancer,barrenness, heart diseases, liver problem, kidney failure, breath issues and many more.

      6. Hair Style: One of the major cause of hair loss among women is the choice of style. The style they do matters a lot because some braids, washing and setting, packing may cause a drop in the hair especially at the fore head. It means women or ladies should take note of the kind of hair they do to prevent hair loss. 

      If you are experiencing hair loss as a women, you need to consider the cause and later take prevention on how you can prevent that based on the cause you notice. Thanks for reading.

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