Apr 6, 2019

5 Ways to Get Rid of Stretch Marks in the Body

Stretch Marks is one of the disease of the skin that shows lines and can be very irritating at times. Many times stretch marks is cause by weight gain in some part of the body, pregnancy, bleaching cream, skin lotion reactions and many more.

There are ways you can reduce, get rid or remove the stretch marks you may in your body especially around the shoulder part, buttocks, waist, thigh region or other areas. The tested and trusted ways to do includes;

1. Visit a Dermatologist: One of the ways you can get rid of stretch marks in your body is to visit a dermatologist which will help you examine your skin and recommend the best method of treatment for you for this disease. If you d not know any skin expert then, consult your doctor and he will recommend one for you or probably give you the best treatments/ideas for this.

gettting rid of strecth mark

2. Use Aloe Vera Products
: One of the most effective ways to reduce or get rid of stretch marks in the body is to use Aloe Vera product, creams, Ointments etc. Aloe Vera contains active ingredients that cure and smooth-ens the skins irrespective of any skin related disease like stretch marks.

3. Reduce Weights: If you observe that you are beginning to have stretch marks in some part of your body, it shows you are gaining weight in that part of the body which results to stretch marks. So, what you do is to do some weight loss exercise, shed some weight and you will see your skin get back to normal

4. Stop Bleaching Creams: One of the cause of stretch marks in some women is the excess use of bleaching creams. Bleaching contains chemicals like hydroquinone for fast whitening of the skin but the aftermath of such bleaching cream is stretch marks. You can use good skin lotion that are user friendly and  a cream which do not cause stretch marks.

5. Make a Research: Experience they say is the best answer but it this case, it can also work. What you do is to ask a skin expert on the best creams that can remove stretch marks in the body or you may also browse the internet to surf for the best cream to cure stretch marks which am sure you will get over 100 links and reviews of the products.

These are ways to cure, remove or reduce stretch marks in the body and i believe the information provided above will help you because we like to see your skin smooth all day long.

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