Apr 8, 2019

5 Symptoms of High Cholesterol in the Body

I have read and heard so much about Cholesterol but as i was discussing with a friend, i notice that many people do not really know much about cholesterol but keep encouraging people to eat or stop eating it due to health risk. Cholesterol s a type fat that can be found in food, milk, meat, crops, animals etc
Symptoms of High Cholesterol in the Body

Many food items we eat contains cholesterol which when consumed in excess pose a risk to the health of an individual although many of these food items might be protein, carbohydrate, oil, fat etc. But how do we know the symptoms of excess cholesterol in the body?

Excess Cholesterol in the body is unhealthy and can cause severe coronary heart disease, Obesity, high blood pressure, cardiac arrest and other related heart disease. For good health care, the signs and symptoms of cholesterol includes;

1. Chest Pain: When an individual is high on Cholesterol, such person will experience chest pain which is also known as Angina. Angina is a kind of pain felt in the heart or chest region as a result of high Cholesterol in the body. 

2. Health Issues: A common symptoms of excess cholesterol in the body is health issues like Dizziness, Tiredness, Nausea, Difficulty in Breathing etc. If you begin to experience these, then you need to test yourself of Cholesterol.
3.  Stroke: Signs of stroke such as body imbalance, lack of coordination, bad vision, tiredness, abnormal heart beats are all signs of high cholesterol in the body which should be taking care of with immediate effect because it can be deadly.

4. Irregular Blood Flow: This is called PVD (Peripheral Vascular Diseases) in which the signs of these diseases includes numbness, sore wounds and abnormal body temperature all which shows a fellow can be high on Cholesterol.

5. Obesity:  Abnormal weight gain such a Obesity is a diseases which results due to consumption of items that are high in Cholesterol which includes meat, oil, egg, milk, grains etc but when consumed in excess brings about excessive weight gain called Cholesterol.

These are signs and symptoms that are common and associated with Cholesterol and to avoid any health issues relating to Cholesterol, you need to see your doctor, run a Cholesterol test which your doctor will guide you through the medications or guide to it. 

Better still, eat lot of fruits, take some supplements and get a balance diet. Thank for reading.

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