Apr 3, 2019

20 Foods You Should Never Eat After Age 30

Can foods cause death of people around age 30yrs? I noticed the rate of death of young people at age 30 which seems to be alarming  and I decided to write on foods which could lead to this.

I was very worried when i saw the body of my friend's mum laying in the morgue few days ago who died of a low blood pressure that causes hypo-tension. With her age at 38, i never believed she could die at that early age even with her slim size. 

food items for 30yrs above

I got to know that it does not matter the age but live and eat healthily is the best and from what the doctor said, he told me that anyone after age 30yrs or at age 30, there are some things you are suppose to stop eating and not wait till age 40 before you avoid eating those foods.

Below are list of food items you need to avoid to stop either you are at the age 30 or above but just recommended for people as they grow older. The foods includes;

1. Flavored Yogurt

2.  Fried Meat

3.  Canned Soup

4.  Sweets and Biscuits

5.  Sugary Drinks

6.  Soft Drinks

7.  Cocktail and Beer

8.  Alcohol and Drugs

9.  Snacks

10.  Ice Coffee

11.  Margerine

12.  Pineapple Chicken

13.  Butter PopCorn

14.  Coffee Ice Cream
15.  Energy Drinks

16.  Excess Salt 

17.  Excess Sugar

18.  Overdose of drugs.

19.  Fried Chips

20. Candy

All these foods items are good for the body but with the recent economic situation and the way we eat these days, some body digest foods more than the other where many compounds are used up but now, the world is changing and the rate at which these things happen us dropping too.

The earlier you stop eating sugars, salt, fatty foods etc the better it is for the body and you may not need to wait till you attain the age 50-60 before you save yourself of the adverse effect that comes with these food. Remember health is wealth. Thanks for reading.

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