Mar 15, 2019

Natural Remedy to Treating Tooth Ache Without Drugs

Tooth Ache is referred to as the pain or ache experienced at the region of the tooth. I see this disease as one of the biggest discomfort anybody can have in the body because its associated pains, swelling of the cheek and the patient might not be able to eat well. 

As you read on, we will be describing the natural ways to treating tooth ache without the use of drugs but natural plant or herbs as people called it.

natural remedy for tooth ache

Causes of Tooth Ache:  Some of the causes of tooth ache either in children, adult, women or men includes inflammation of the dental pulp, cracked tooth, dry socket, eating sweets etc. Medical reports shows that tooth ache is caused by activities of micro organisms in the teeth which gain entry through sugary items, mouth infections or wound on the tooth region.

Natural Remedy to Toothache 

1. Calcium: Calcium is responsible for strong bone and healthy teeth and one of the best and natural way to treat toothache is to eat foods that are rich in calcium. Examples of food rich in Calcium are sea foods, milk, fish bone, meat bone and many more. If you eat more of these foods, you don't need to use drugs for tooth problems because you hardly experience any.

2. Another natural way to cure tooth ache is to use warm water with little salt. Just gaggle the warm water containing salt and pour it away after few seconds. Do that multiple times per day and you will see some changes and the pain associated with the tooth aches vanishes with time. This is also a natural remedy to toothache without taking drugs but warm water and little salt.
      3. The best way and natural ways to cure tooth ache is to use the bark of trees like cashew tree, dongoyaro tree, Eeyin tree, and other natural trees that are use for this purposes without drugs.

      4. Another natural remedy or solution to tooth ache is to keep your teeth healthy by washing it regularly, avoiding sharp object from the teeth and also to ensure you avoid taking too much of sweet or sugary substances even in small children without drugs

      5. One of the natural remedy i have grown to know about this when it comes to keeping the tooth healthy and avoiding toothache is to always ensure you brush your teeth for at least 2 or more times a day. Its a good way to avoid tooth ache. I would rather suggest you brush your teeth after meal especially sugary items like chocolate, sweet and many more.  

      These are sure ways and the best natural remedy for tooth ache without taking drugs and i believe you would have gain few things from what has been posted on this update. Thanks for reading.

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