Mar 21, 2019

Natural Remedy to Diarrhea Without Taking Drugs

Is there any Natural Treatment for Diarrhea without drugs? Diarrhea is a  disease which causes frequent passage of loose or watery unformed stools from the anus of an individual. It means any can be said to have diarrhea if watery stools are passed for at least four to five times within a day.

Diarrhea is caused by indigestion, overeating, eating wrong food items, putrefaction of food in the intestinal tract, fermentation caused by incomplete digestion, nervous irritability, use of anti-biotics drugs and excessive intake of laxatives.

Some of the things that can also cause diarrhea includes  germs, virus, bacteria, food poison, dirty water, dirty food and many more. As you read on, we will be providing different ways to treat diarrhea natural without drugs which is called natural remedy.

Some of the symptoms of Diarrhea includes frequent passage of watery stools, abdominal pains, bloating and vomiting. 

It is more severe in children because children are easily affected through dirty hands.

Natural Remedies to Cure Diarrhea 

1. Ginger is a plant as well as a good herb that helps prevent diseases such as Diarrhea without drugs. Get  a dry or fresh ginger, get it powdered along with a crystal rock salt and mix together. Use teaspoonful to administer the powder to patient in a small quantity  which i believe brings quick relief to patients.

2. Another natural remedy for Diarrhea is to eat fruits like Mango or Mango seeds. Get a Dried Mango seeds and grind into powdered form and administer a dose of about half to two grams mixed with honey and administered daily. It also bring quick relief to patients.

Read also :things to do when the cholesterol level is high of the things that works well when it  comes to treating Diarrhea is to be clean. Just ensure you  have a clean environment, clean food, clean water and over all food items properly. Cleanliness is next to Godliness and good health

4.  you can also stop diarrhoea by eating some solids such as carbohydrates like bread.  bread works very well for diarrhoea because he tends to hold discharges as well as reduce the amount of excess water leaving the anus by making a solids environment around the stomach region eating bread is a natural way of reducing or preventing diarrhoea.

5.  the use of natural antibiotics can also be a good option for controlling diarrhoea without drugs either in children or in adults. Since that is caused by infection or dirty water some natural antibiotic can be used to treat it.

Despite all these, you need to consult your physician or health professional to ensue maximum treatments and health advice even if you don't like to use drugs or other medical treatments to issues like Diarrhea.. 

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