Mar 19, 2019

Health Benefits of Eating Onions

What Are the Health Benefits of Onions to the Body?  

Onions is widely used in the whole world for cooking, it is used as spice for food but only a few people knows the health benefit of onions to the body and why they need to eat it.  

Onions is one of the best food in the world because it contains fibers, it contains vitamins and minerals and it also contain active elements that helps the body prevent diseases.

Onions is a fruits, a vegetable, a plant that also cures all types of diseases and at the same time, it gives a soup, stew or any type of food a good smell and delicious state.  Below is a list and brief description of the various Onions benefits, this includes;

1. Prevent Cardio Diseases: One of the relevance and benefit of onions to the body when you eat it is that it contains substances that help guide against cardio vascular diseases like hypertension, high blood pressure, stroke, cardiac arrest and many more. 

You may not eat onions in it raw form to get this benefit but you can grind along with pepper, tomatoes, salads or other foods. It helps the heart to function well and it ensure blood circulation from the heart to other part of the body.

2. Prevent Constipation: A common health benefit you get when you eat more of onions is that Onions aids digestion and its very active for prevention of constipation which is known as inability to pass out stool or waste from the anus due to digestive disorder or lack of water in the body. 

Onions contains fiber and vitamins which improves the digestion processes in the stomach.
Health Benefit of Onions

3. Prevent Diabetes: Onions is also very active and when you eat it regularly, you hardly have problem of excess sugar in the body. This means that Onions helps to assist in the breakdown of sugar contents in the body. 

Many of the food we eat in my country contains mostly carbohydrate which later breaks down to sugar which excess of these may cause diabetes. So to save yourself from becoming diabetic, eat more of onions and you will be safe.

4. Prevent Asthma: Another health benefit you get by eating onions is that it help prevent Asthma. Onions contains substance that reduces histamine and histamine is one of the main causes of Asthma. But for people that already have Asthma, onions reduces the cough and the pain associated with it.

5. Improves Sight: Another health benefit you get when you eat more Onions is that it helps to improve vision. Onions contains Vitamin A which is responsible for bright eyes, if you notice your vision is getting blur, just increase the amount of Onions in your food, you will see the difference and with time, the vision will be improved. 

All these i know from my grandma back in the days but know i now know is the presence of Vitamin A it contains that improves sight.
6. Prevent Slow Blood Movements
: Out of the numerous health benefit you get when you eat onions, this one that prevent slow blood circulation is very important because it deals directly with the heart and the heart itself is life. 

When the heart stops, it means death and the heart is only organ in the body that pumps blood and it also helps in the movements of blood in the body. Onions helps to prevent slow blood circulation but it improves it to a more rapid movements.

7. Digestion:  One of the ways you achieve fast and easy digestion is to add more onions to your stew or food. Onions contains over 50% of fibers and water, it means you get high rate of metabolism when you eat onions and food are digested at a fast rate. 
This will make you look trim, slim and will also prevent weight gain.

In Conclusion, Onions is very good to the body and it health benefit are too numerous. But the health advantages described above are very important which encourages you to eat more of Onions. Onions contains Vitamins and Minerals which improves sight, prevent constipation, prevent Asthma and it prevent diabetes. Thanks for reading.

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