Mar 11, 2019

Health Benefit of Eating Maize

What Are the Advantages of Eating Maize? I am writing these due to a personal experience i observe when i eat maize and some of the health benefit you get when you eat maize or corn to the body.

This is the season of maize in my country where maize are harvested in abundant and i notice everyone is eating this maize/corn throughout the country either roasted or boiled. I am typing this post, am also eating this boiled maize so as to keep my mouth fresh and to prevent hunger instead of eating heavy or high calorie food.

It is better to eat maize and get the health benefit such as;

1. Fast Digestion: One of the health benefit you get you eat corn either roasted or boiled is that it improves your body digestion rate. Maize contains no fat, no cholesterol but high percentage of fiber crops and of course you know that fiber crops aids digestion. It does not store in the body like high calorie food that stored and increase weight.

2. Fiber Foods: Fiber foods such as maize aids digestion, it fasten the rate at which food particles breaks into smaller particles for easy digestion. It helps you to empty your bowels with easy because of its high fiber contents which is healthy to the body.

3. Reduces Fat: As the body accumulates fat, eating maize can help you breakdown such fat because of its light nature, it contain fiber substances and generally maize do not contain fat, oil or any other fatty substance that stores in the body

advantages of eating maize

4. Weight Loss: Instead of eating so high calorie food that cause weight gain, you can eat maize when boiled or roasted and you enjoy it. It can help you lose weight through it fast digestion and high metabolism rate which helps in weight loss. It is recommended for people of all ages and can be eaten by people who have various diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure, hypertension, stroke etc only that they do not need to add much salt when cooking it but if not, add little salt when boiling and yo enjoy it.

5. Prevent Excess Sugar: Maize does not contain sugar and it doesn't support accumulation of sugar in the body. It means that anybody who eat maize are sugar free and eating maize can never cause sugar related diseases like diabetes. I told a friend of mine to make it a habit of replacing her lunch with boiled corn and now, she is very smart, healthy and do not have excess sugar in her body as reported earlier by her doctor.

6. Prevent Diseases: One of the important benefit of maize to the body is that it prevent all diseases related to weight gain like high blood pressure, obesity, stroke, hypertension and also it prevent sugar related diseases as well as vitamins deficiency in the body.

In Conclusion, Eating maize is very good for the body, it give energy, its a source of carbohydrate, it gives strength and also it it can be eaten instead of junks, snacks or high fatty foods. You only drink water after eating this corn and you won't feel hungry for other food for few minutes so i feel any food substance such as this is good and healthy to the body. Thanks for reading.

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