Mar 19, 2019

5 Things to do When The Cholesterol Level is High

 Things to do at High Cholesterol Level

Cholesterol is described as a fatty acid which is used to generate new cells and hormones and used up throughout the body.Which means cholesterol is so important in the body because without it, there will be no strength because even if you really do not eat much of cholesterol diet, your body will still continue to produce it.

But when the cholesterol contents in the body is high, its seen as risk and could cause heart attack and other heart related problems which may lead to death. A body which contains high cholesterol may is unhealthy and such person is at a risk of stroke and hypertension or heart attack.

High Cholesterol are cause by diet or careless choice of food because its produced in the liver and the unused cholesterol are also carried back to the liver with much higher weight. But as soon as you observed the Cholesterol contents in the body is high, then you need to be careful and apply these ideas to prevent contacting heart diseases. This includes;

1. Statin
: Its been known that medications such as statin reduce the overall amount of cholesterol in the body and its recommended to such such to reduce the body cholesterol level when its high but Sta-tins have few side effects like sluggishness, memory problem, low strength, dizziness and many more.

high cholesterol

2. Eat Low Fat: If you observed you are high on cholesterol or your body cholesterol level is on the high side, then you need to eat low fat foods and some food items with vegetable fats are highly recommended and foods with animal fat should be avoided or reduced.(fats)

3. Exercise: If a body is high on Cholesterol, one of the recommended practice for such person is to exercise the body because this help increase the body metabolism through exercises like walking, jogging, running, skipping etc.

4. Avoid Junks: When a body is high on Cholesterol, one of the things to do is to carefully reduce the intakes of junks food or fried food generally. This includes meat pie, egg roll, sausage roll,fish pie, doughnuts, puff puff and many more. Many of these snacks or junks are fried with animal fat and eating too much of red meat, whole milk, fat etc should be avoided to help reduce the cholesterol.

5. see Your Doctor: Another thing that can be done when a body is high on Cholesterol is to consult your doctor as soon as you see signs and symptoms of high cholesterol in the body. This is the best thing you can do help yourself because the doctor knows more about this issue than you do.

These are thing you need to do when high on cholesterol and i believe this ideas has helped you in one way or the other. You may use the comment box below to make a suggestion, add more ideas to topic, a complain or contact us on any issues related to the topic or other. Thanks for reading.

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