Mar 2, 2019

10 Things to do to Live Long

What Are The Things I Can do to Live Long? When you live healthily, there is tendency to live long all i believe start with what we eat, what we do, sleep patterns, eating habit, exercise and many more.

You will definitely live long when you live a life absent of diseases, heart problems, health problems, worry, fear and the likes but there are few things you can also do to make you live longer than expected, which includes;

1. Exercise: The best way to live long is to exercise your body. Exercising your body will reduce body fat, belly fat, increase body metabolism, balance the blood pressure and regulate all other operations in the body. Recommended exercise includes walking, jogging, running, skipping, Yoga, dancing and many more.

2. Vegetables: Have you noticed that the healthiest people in the world are the vegetarians. They usually don't have excess fat, sugar but live on vegetables. Vegetables have good vitamins and minerals essentials for healthy living. So you need to eat more of vegetables to live long.

3. Low Sugar: If you have to live long, then the earlier you stop consuming excess sugar. Excess sugar disrupts the insulin functions which results to diabetes but if you live on low sugar drinks, low sugar foods then its good. You can also replace the sugar consumption with honey instead.

10 things to do to live long

4. Low Salts: If you don't want to die young, then you need to avoid eating too much salt. Salts contains sodium ions and excess sodium in the body is not healthy because it causes heart related problems like hypertension, high blood pressure, cardiac arrest, stroke etc

5. Low Fatty Foods: Low fatty foods such as fried foods are delicious but deadly. You need to do away with low fatty foods or junks because they contain cholesterol which is not good for the health.

6. Smoking; If you are to live longer on earth in good health then, you need to stop smoking if at all you smoke. The Federal Governments has warned smokers to quit because its too dangerous to health and smokers are liable to die young. Smokers will die young due to accumulation of nicotine in the body while non-smokers will live long.

7. Alcohol and Beer: Just like smoking, beer is also dangerous to health because beer contains alcohol and Alcohol which we are talking about here is a drug digested only in the liver. Excess consumption of beer can damage the liver which may cause liver diseases. So, to live long, quit drinking alcohol.

8. Stress: To live long, you need to avoid every form of stress and don't over work yourself. Working hard and stress yourself house is not the same thing. So avoid stress.

9. Worrying: You will notice that people that live long is this world are people who do not worry about things to come. Worrying results to thinking and thinking too much also raises the blood pressure level. Just believe all will be well and not worry about your failures, anxiety, future, bad occurrence etc.

10. Be Moderate: Anything you do, do them in moderation such as eating, drinking, exercise, worrying, thinking, stress, working and many more.

If you do all these things, you will notice you will usually don't fall sick thereby having a long life span. Live healthily. Thanks for reading.

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