Feb 11, 2019

Natural Ways to Cure Fire Burns on the Skin.

Fire burns is an injury
on the skin cause by fire, hot substance or boiling water. It hurts the skin, its very painful and can cause scar when the wound is healed. The best place to treat fire burns on the skin is right there in the hospital but it can also be done at home and traditionally using some herbs like this 

Some of the symptoms of fire burns includes redness of the skin, pain, swelling of the burned areas, blisters etc.

Natural remedy or natural ways to cure fire burns includes;

1. Mango Leaves : to do this naturally, get mango leaves, burn the leaves to ashes and mix the ashes with little water and apply the mixture to the wounds cause by fire.

2. Vitamin c
; Another way to cure fire burns naturally is to eat lot of fruits like oranges because it contains vitamin c and you know that vitamin c helps in the treatments of wounds and its also help repairs worn out tissues.

Skin burns
 3. Honey: In case of fire burns, you can lick honey or use in place of sugar because it helps body repairs especially skin damages. Honey is good for the health and best used for skin related problems or accidents.

The last thing i will be recommending in case of fire burns on the skin is to consult a doctor as soon as it happens and later you can use the home remedy recommended above to hasting the treatments processes. Thanks for reading.

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