Feb 5, 2019

List of Foods That are Healthy to Eat

A reader sent me a mail on our site at ihealthcarex.info and to know the list of foods that are god for the body and health. Since this site is based on health care information, below is a  list of food you can to eat and they list had been proven by health expert and nutritionist and are fit for consumption according to research.
List of Foods That are Healthy to Eat
These foods are considered good because they they do not add more calories to the body,  easy digestion, reduces the level of cholesterol in the body, low fat and help the body fight diseases like cancer, diabetes, Obesity and many more. The list includes;

1. Apples
2. Avocados
3. Bananas
4. Blueberries
5. Oranges
6. Strawberries
7. Eggs
8: Meats
9. Chicken Breasts
10. Lamb
11 Nuts, Seeds and Peanuts
12. Almonds
13. Coconuts
14. Macadamia Nuts
15. Walnuts
16. Peanuts
17. Vegetables
18. Bell Pepper
19. Broccoli
20. Carrots.
21. Cauliflower
22. Cucumber

23. Garlic
24. Kale
25. Onions
26. Tomatoes
27: Fish and Seafood
27. Salmon
28. Sardines
29. Shellfish
30. Shrimp.
31. Trout
32. Tuna
33. Grains
33. Brown Rice
34. Oats
35. Quinoa
36-37: Breads.
37. Homemade low-carbs breads
38-40: Legumes
38. Green beans
39. Kidney beans
40. Lentils
41 Dairy
41. Cheese
42. whole milk
43. Yogurt
44.  Fats and Oils
44. Butter from grass
45. Coconut Oil
46. Extra virgin olive oils
47-48: Tubers
47. Potatoes
48. Sweet potatoes
49. Apple Cider Vinegar
50. Dark Chocolate


You will notice that we includes some fat and oil on the list is because we need them for energy and should be consumed in small quantity. Thanks for reading.

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