Feb 11, 2019

Health Benefit of Calcium to the Body

What are the importance of Calcium to the Body? The various importance of calcium to the body is numerous and not only for strong bones and teeth as we know. I notice that a friend of mine got pregnant and occasionally, she uses calcium tablets but when she delivered the baby was so strong and the bones were stronger than babies of his age. She begins to wonder where the strength came from and i told her is the little calcium she was taking during pregnancy that makes the baby so strong.

Sources of calcium are numerous, not only the tablets but there are some natural ways you can get calcium like in fish bone, meat bone, sea foods e.g crabs, shrimps,cry fish, poultry meats, milk and many more. If you eat some of these foods, you get natural calcium with health benefits such as the listed below;

1. Strong Teeth and Bones: I have known this since my basic education even on TV adverts that calcium is responsible for strong bone and healthy teeth. It means if you eat food rich in calcium or you use calcium supplements, your bones and teeth will become very healthy and strong.

2. Weakness: Another health benefit of calcium is that it prevent weakness. Either you use calcium supplements or you eat foods that are high in calcium contents, you become strong and not weak. Weakness can lead to other serious health issues and may cause sluggishness and lack of body balance and stamina. 

Calcium Benefits to the Body

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3. Menopause: Research claims that one of the advantages of calcium to the body is that it helps prevent early menopause. Everyone woman will surely attain the state of Menopause but not so fast.Which means by the time women eat more of organic food containing calcium, they stand a chance of not experiencing early menopause.

4. Prevents Kidney Problem: One of the ways to prevent kidney diseases is to have calcium consumption but when in excess may lead to other diseases. Instead, i recommend you eat food rich in calcium like milk, bones, soft bones, sea foods, sea weeds and many more to have some amount of calcium in the body.

5. Pregnancy: When my wife was pregnant,she was given calcium supplements the hospital and when she delivered she was strong and the baby too was very okay. Calcium is good for people of all ages to healthy and strong.

These are the gains, advantages, benefits you get when you eat more of calcium rich foods or at time when you use calcium supplements. You get strong bones and you are healthy, it prevents weakness, it prevent diseases and makes your teeth strong and healthy. Thanks for reading.

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