Feb 5, 2019

Are Spicy foods good for the body?

Are Spicy foods good for the body? When I was much younger than now, my mum was a typical African woman that loves to add too much pepper to food. We will complain and she will  the still convince us with the various advantages of spicy foods in that it helps during the cold weather, that spicy food contains Vitamins which is good for the body but what about the side effect of too much of spicy foods which we will discuss as you read on with this post.

What are spicy foods? Spicy foods are foods that contain some quantities or amount of pepper, magi, salt etc in it which causes discomfort in the mouth when eating the soup or food. Some common food items which contain no tomatoes, vegetables or water may be spicy which is not good for the body in some people.

Are spicy foods good for the body

Now, to answer the question or the topic which says "is spicy food good for the body?" My answer to this question or my answer on this issue is a big NO and I will highlight the reasons why spicy foods are not really too good to the body with the ideas below;

1. Ulcer; one of the reasons why eating spicy foods are not good for the body is that it disrupt the activities of the wall of the stomach lining which causes ulcer in people. If you notice the people who usually have ulcer are people who loves to eat too much of pepper foods or spicy foods. That is the reason why most doctors usually recommend little or no spicy food or pepper free diet for ulcer patients. In order to avoid a severe case of ulcer, eat less of spicy foods to stay healthy.

2. Stomach ache; a colleague of mine eat a food that contains a high amount of pepper and later, he started to complain of stomach ache but when he was rushed to the hospital, he was diagnosed and treated for spicy or pepper related problems in the stomach. We then ask the doctor if it is possible for spicy foods like pepper to cause stomach ache and the doctor responded with a yes answer. So, spicy foods can cause stomach ache in some people who are not really used to eating it or people whose stomach system can’t withstand such items.

4. Hemorrhage; this is a medical condition where blood is coming out the anus or other fluid from the digestive tract. Although, some people do confuse hemorrhage for pile in my country but I will rather refer to this as hemorrhage. When people eat too much of spicy food, it interfere with the stomach digestive organs and making it difficult for food to get digested easily. It depends on the body anyway, spicy food affect some people and may cause hemorrhage while some people's body can withstand such amount of pepper in the food which later cause hemorrhage to their body system.

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4.  Discomfort: general body discomfort such as stomach pain, tongue irrigation, anus pain etc are some if the signs and symptoms of spicy food in some people. That is why it is not good for people to add too much spice like salt, magi and pepper to food just to avoid unnecessary changes and pains. 

5. Irritation; if you ask me if spicy food is good for the body? I will prefer to say no because normal balance diet meal is better than spicy food because spicy food can cause irritation in some people. The tongue may be irritated in a way that too much pepper can cause peeling of some part of the mouth. If you notice this, you may just put the food way so that you don't get irritated in the mouth.

5. Abnormal temperature; I noticed that each time I eat spicy food especially foods that contains pepper, I have this abnormal body temperature. The effect of eating spicy food at the wrong time of the season may cause an increase in body temperature. For instance, people eat more spicy food during cold temperature because it makes them warm but when you eat spicy foods during hot temperature, it may result to abnormal body temperature which is a bad condition at that time and you to seek the doctor’s attention for this.

In conclusion, based on what we have discussed above, I believe you must have probably learn that spicy foods are not good for the body based on some of the point discussed above. I believe it is better to eat healthily in the right proportion which is called balanced that than adding more spice to food. Bette still, you may consult your dietician or doctor for more ideas on this. You can also use the comment box below to share more ideas on this topic, ask a question or get fed back from us. Thanks for reading.

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