Feb 16, 2019

8 Reason Why Your Belly Fat Refuse to Go Down

"Why You're Not Losing Belly Fat" is one of the most submitted question i receive from my mail and as you read on, we will be looking at the reasons some belly fat or your belly fat refuses to disappear.
belly fat

Belly fat isn't so easy unlike some part of the body. Fat around the stomach region may be difficult to lose due to some reasons but its very possible to lose them only if you engage in good weight loss tips and as you reduce in weight, the belly goes down too but only with time.

On the other hand, if you do exercise, you avoid fatty foods, processed foods, sugar etc and the fat refuse to go, then check the possible reasons below;

1. Age: If you notice that the fat around your tummy refuses to go down after much work out then, it might be that you are getting older. As you grow older, you body metabolism decreases as well as digestion and other systems in the body. If you notice this, you will need to reduce some food items like sugars, fat and do more exercise.

2.  Wrong Exercise: If you belly refuses to go down after much programs/exercise, then it may be due to the fact that you are engaged in wrong exercise. There are specific exercise for specific reasons. It means that the exercise that works well for tummy may not work properly for hips, chest or weight loss. This may be one of the reasons you are getting it wrong and your belly might not reduce. 

3. Plenty Processed Foods:  As long as you still eat excess processed foods, canned foods with fat, fatty foods etc, your calories add more and as you exercise your body, it takes no effect. So the solution to this is to avoid processed food and the belly fat will disappear.
4.  Wrong Fat: You might experience excess fat around your stomach region if you consume more fatty food, fried foods, chips etc. The more you eat this, the more you strive with your weight loss because you might not get rid of the fat in there.

5. Junks: one of the reasons people do not lose fat around their belly or in the body is the fact that they find junks irresistible. And you know eating junks, snacks all add more fat to the body.

6.  Stress: You may experience difficulty in getting rid of your belly fat if you are involved in much stress. You need t find time for yourself to rest, eat good food, fruits, vegetables, take some sleep and you will see the change in that but if you are too stressed up, then you might not burn fat like you expected. 

7. No Motivation: Motivation is the key to continued success, if you lack motivation or you aren't motivated on things you do to lose weight, you might not be encouraged to do more which means you may not lose any weight around your stomach.

8. Lack of Sleep: I never sleeping is one of the factor that cause inability to lose fat/weight until i tried it myself. So, if you are serious about losing a belly fat, then you need sleep and not only that but sound sleep.

If you consider these reasons, then you might be successful in the quest to reducing your belly fat. Belly fat are stubborn especially in men but if you channel you ideas to the best exercise, food, tips, then you will get rid of it with time. Thanks for reading.

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