Feb 24, 2019

7 Health Tips for People with Epilepsy

Ideas for people with Epilepsy
Epilepsy is a disease that causes seizures and if you or anyone you know have this kind of disease,you can tell them about this tips we will be providing on this post as you read on with the important things an Epilepsy patient must put into consideration for good health. It includes;

1. Get Seizures Info: If you or anyone experience regular seizure of the heart, lungs and the mouth is foaming which of course comes from the brain, then study the time of attack, the manner of attack, what happened before the attack and you can now use some medications, caution of some activities that may trigger the seizure to happen in case of nest time.

2. Don't blab: If you have Epilepsy, you don't need to talk too much about it for people who won't help, people who are not healthcare expert or you don't need to start feeling proud about it but you just need to stick with a medical doctor or expert in the area to help you out on what to do as well some treatments.

3. Don't lie: If you have epilepsy, i think you need to say the truth about it so that someone can help especially to your employer, insurer or Boss. All the the truth you tell about these diseases can be of good help to you in case of any further seizures and these people can even sponsor your health diagnosis of the disease.

4. Use Your Drugs Regularly: Anyone with this kind of disease shouldn't joke with his/her medications. It means an epileptic person must ensure a proper use of drugs and done regularly. Because the inability of an epileptic person to avoid regular and proper medication can result to seizures which may be embarrassing at times.

5. Reduce Stress: No matter  how strong you are or how vibrant you, as long as you are epileptic, you need to stay of stress and stay off late night work. Just pretend as if you aren't strong enough to do tough task at place of work but do your best with moderation.

6. Call Your Doctor : For any epileptic people you know or if you are epileptic, you just need to let your doctor know about any side-effect, any changes, any reactions you feel that may lead to seizures. So, what you do is to get your doctors phone number and give a call at any slight attack or signs you see.

7. Pregnancy :If you are living with epilepsy or you have this disease, when its time fr you to get pregnant or you want to try conceive, then you must consult your doctor to ensure you get the best treatments especially with the prescription of folic acid for best result.

I think these are good ideas for anyone with Epilepsy so as to adjust and have a good health life. Epilepsy is not contagious but by visiting your doctor for any treatment, health ideas, medications etc is the best as far as i am concerned. Thanks for reading.

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