Feb 20, 2019

7 Foods for Healthy Heart

7 Foods That Can Make the Heart Healthy

The just as the car engine is important to a car, the same way the heart is important to human beings. Without the heart, there will be no life and when the heart is stressed, problems comes which may lead to death or some heart diseases.

The heart pumps blood to other part of the body and life is ensured but making the heart healthy starts with the food we eat, amount of exercise done, heart disease disappearance etc When a heart is healthy, then such heart diseases like cardiac arrest, hypertension, stroke, high blood pressure etc will disappear.

Below is a list and description of foods that are healthy to eat and food that helps the heart function very well. Such healthy foods Includes;

1. Vegetables e.g Garbage, Lettuce, water leaf, pumpkin, salads, okra, green leaf , melon, bitter leaf and many more. These food are very healthy and supplies vitamins and minerals to the heart.

2. Fruits ;
Oranges, water melon, pineapple, garden egg, grape, melon, carrots, pear, cashew, apple etc. These fruits contains important vitamins that repairs worn out tissues in the body and allow free flow of flood in the body.

foods for healthy hearts
3. Grains; beans, rice, wheat, corn, sorghum, soya beans, maize, etc contains proteins, starch and active elements for the heart.

4. Water; instead of you drinking soft drinks, you need to drink more of water. Despite the fact that it aids digestion, it also helps the heart in in operation by allowing free flow of blood through the body.

5. Herbs;
herbs are grasses and many of them are really good and medicinal e.g lemon grass, tea plants, dongoyaro plant, bitter leaf, and many more help to supply blood in the body.

6. Low fatty foods;
these are food items that are free of fats. Any food free of fats are really good for the body and not foods like doughnuts, fried food, chin chin, egg roll etc which contains fats are not recommended.

7. Vegetable fats:
Its better to use vegetable fats for cooking than using animal fats. When next you want to shop for food, you need to consider these food items to stay healthy.

These food listed above are food items that goes well with the heart which means when you eat the following food, you get more nutrients that makes the heart healthy to perform well rather than getting stressed up. Either you are a man or woman, your health is paramount to you and that is why its important to stay healthy. Thanks for reading.

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