Feb 6, 2019

10 Things to Avoid to Live Longer

Healthy living, living long and not die prematurely is the aim of everyone in life and to achieving this, it depends on our daily activities such as the kind of food we eat, jobs, exercise, environments and many more.

To live longer in life, you have to carefully take care of yourself, your health and body through the following;
1.  Avoid Fatty Foods  : One of the major cause of death and premature heart diseases worldwide is the excessive consumption of fats, fatty food and sugary diet. Fatty increases the cholesterol contents of the body and add more calories to the body.  Most fatty food high blood pressure, hypertension, cancer, diabetes. To ensure you do not die prematurely, you need to avoid these fat and sugar food items.

2. Avoid Salts  : Another major reasons people don't live long is too much consumption of salt. A major cause of death and premature heart diseases among men this days is the excessive eating of salt either in cooked food or in processed food. Salt contains Na+ (ion) which interfere with heart beats when consumed in excess. Salt is one of the major cause of high blood pressure around the world and it must be avoided to live long.  

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3.  Stop smoking:  smoker are reliable to die young that what the adverts says despite that, people still smoke all sort of things which affect their lungs in the later part of the year. The NIH says tobacco use remains the most preventable cause of death.Researches also proves that smoking reduces life span and may cause infertility in men.

4.  Stop Sitting Too Much: If you want to live long, you really do not need to sit too long on a chair or on bed. This means as you grow older, you have to exercise your body and allow the passage of blood around your body through walking, running, jogging etc.

5. Anger : To live older and not die at young age, then you need to find ways to manage your anger because of your heart. What you need to stay happier and younger is to live happily and don't not let anything bother you even if its bad.  When you get angry, stress hormones in the body increases which can leave a negative effect on the.

6. Worry: Worrying brings depression and it very risky to live with depression because of your health. Even if you are broke, sick, jobless etc just ignore such circumstance,  eat well, exercise, and visit your doctor their doctors for health advice.

7.  Sleep: if there's anything you need to avoid to live longer, then you need to sleep well, sleep tight and sleep but not over sleeping anyway. Do not try to avoid sleep because it will have negative effect on your body, brain and organs.

8. Stress: One of the thing that shortens a life span is lack of sleep. You need to avoid stress like over working, keeping late at night,  excessive writing, long hours of work and many more.

Consider the following ideas and am sure you will keep your health in good shape and you live longer. Thanks for reading ihealthcarex.info.

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