Jan 26, 2019

Walking or Running, Which is Better for Weight Loss?

Both walking and running are good exercises to reduce weight and to keep fit for healthy living but someone asked this questions "running or walking, which is better? As you read on, we will be explaining some facts that answers the questions on which is the best between walking and running.

Running or Walking , which is better? One of the reasons that makes running the best exercise among the two is the fact that running is a cardio exercise which results to deep breathing that works well for the heart. The result of running to walking gives a fast results on weight loss unlike walking which gives a slow result on weight loss.

Walking may be better than running is the aspect of convenience in the sense that you really do not need to kit up or buy some materials to work, you can begin by trekking some distance even on your way to work, office, market, store and many more. Walking is very convenience and it also does the primary motive of it which is weight loss.
walking or running

Walking seems to be cheap because you don't need to buy any weight loss kit, you don't need to register any weight loss program, the only thing you need is your time to walk few distance around.

The more you work, the better it is to your body and walking works gently in the body unlike running which is a cardio exercise with fast results. But if you do not walk some distance, you may not easily get results and can keep you lazy while running make the body more active than ever. 

But really, what works most in terms of fast weight loss is to run either daily or few days in a week and you can now use walking to support it. This will give you the best fitness and exercise you the body requires. Thanks for reading.

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