Jan 31, 2019

Natural Foods That Can Relief Pains

Natural Pain Relief Foods

Can foods Relieve Pains? I have noticed when i have pains or when i work so hard that i feel tired with some pains, without drugs i feel comfortable with my foods. This means when i eat, take some rest, the pains vanish within few minutes.

This means that, its not every time you use drugs to relief pains whereas some food can actually reduce the pains naturally. Some of the food items includes;

1. Vitamin C: One of the things i observed when i have pains is that, when i eat fruits like oranges, grapes, strawberry, tangerine, watermelon etc i notice a considerable relief of pains. It means you need to eat more of foods that contains vitamins and the pains in you will go. Vitamin helps repair worn-out tissues in the body, add essential nutrients to the body and relief pains.

2. More Vegetables: The consumption of more vegetables in your diet is one of the best thing you can do to yourself to stay healthy. Vegetables when eaten raw or cooked contains nutrients that are beneficial to the body. It aids digestion and also relief pain. Even if your food is protein or carbohydrate, you can also spice it up with some vegetables due to the nutritional values of such vegetables. You can add water leaf, ginger, bitter leaf, pumpkin, onions, pepper and many more.

pain relief food

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      3. Vegetable Fats: It is preferable to use vegetable fat other than animal fat because research states that plant fat is far more better than animal fat due to the high cholesterol level the animal fat contains. One of the food that can also help reduce pains in the body is vegetable fat and animal fat or oil should be avoided.

      4. Avoid Junks: Junks food are processed fats and refined carbohydrates which are very bad to the body. When you avoid eating junks, you avoid excess cholesterol in the body, you decrease sugar and salt contents in the body which prevents high blood pressure. Junks can be very terrible and increases body pains. To feel relief of pains, you need to avoid eating junks food (meat pie, doughnuts, fatty foods, fried foods, chin-chin etc)

      5. Skimmed Milk/coffee: Coffee contains caffeine and when taken in moderation, it helps reduce pains but you must beware of excess or you get addicted to caffeine which is bad. Another food that helps reduce body pains is skimmed milk since it does not contain fat. If you feel pain, then take some milk and i think you will feel better.

      These are foods that can reduce or relief you of body pains. Like i said earlier that its not every time you take drugs where some food can reduce the pains for you. Thanks for reading and eat healthily.

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