Jan 25, 2019

How to Prevent Excessive Sweating

Sweating is a way of removing excess materials from the body especially water and mineral salt through the skin. When you perform in some tedious work or exercises, you sweat and toxins are removed from the body but when it becomes too much, then you begin to feel uncomfortable with it.

Some people sweat profusely when the temperature is high but not when they perform any form of exercise. Sweating may cause body odour to some people especially people that don't take their bath often and it may cause stains on the armpit region if you are not use to washing the armpit when taking bath. These kind of sweating can be prevented through the following health ideas shared as you read on with this post.

Some of the ways to prevent sweating includes;

1. Avoid Synthetic Fabrics: One of the reasons people why people sweat excessive is that they wear synthetic fabrics during hot season. Synthetic fabric are recommended during the cold weather. To avoid or prevent this, you need to avoid synthetic fabrics clothing material during the hot period.

swaeting prevention

2. Reduce Salt intake: You also need to reduce salt if you want to prevent excessive sweating. Too much salt contains sodium ions which is one of the minerals extracted out of the body during the sweating process and when you reduce eating salt, your sweating also reduces.

3. Ensure Ventilated Rooms: If you are too prevent yourself from sweating excessively, you need your room, offices, workshop all need to be well ventilated with windows or doors well connected. So that anytime there is not light, you can decide to open the doors or windows for ventilation.

4. Avoid Excessive use of Deodorants: Some deodorants actually block the pores spaces in the skin which later cause heat in the body. Thick oily deodorants are not meant for people at certain seasons, so you need to avoid the use of such to prevent more sweating.

5. Wear loose Cottons: You can also prevent sweating excessively through the choice of clothing materials you use. You can use loose cottons which i believe will make the cloth soft and light and air can pass through such materials if you are in tropical regions like the African Continents but if you are in America or Europe, then  you use thick cotton due to the cold condition there.

6. Wear Bright Color on Sunny Days: You can prevent heat that causes sweating based on the type of color of the cloth you wear. Science teaches us that dark color absorbs heat and light colors does not. If you are the type that of person that sweat too much, choose to wear bright colored dress during hot weather which i believe will prevent sweating excessively

7. Visit the doctor: If you notice that you are sweating too much than usual, you see your doctor for more medical advice or examination.

These are things you can do to prevent excessive sweating because you need to study your health and if you notice any change in it, consult your doctor for further medical ideas. Thanks for reading

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